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Very few recumbent manufacturers have a sweet spot in their product line. Even fewer have an out and out legend. Bacchetta has both in the Strada; a performance recumbent providing the perfect balance between affordability and race-ability. A revelation in performance recumbent cycling when it was introduced, the Strada was designed to take you to the next level in recumbent riding at a price that is hard to beat.

A word about the Bacchetta line of performance recumbents- Bellwether. Merriam-Webster’s definition is as follows: One that takes the lead or initiative. When we introduced our Strada and Aero models in 2001, we changed the perception of recumbents. When we introduced the aluminum Corsa in 2005, we shredded the misconception that high performance equals high cost. We weren’t the first to introduce the dual big wheel format, we were the company who made it work! And while our designs have spawned an entire market of Bacchetta wanna-be’s, none of them match the track record of Bacchetta performance recumbents through real world riding. We go to the races. We have the most renowned recumbent racing team on the planet in Team Bacchetta. While others companies spend a lot of time talking about how fast their bikes are, we’re out there proving it. If you want real world performance and are ready to walk the walk, you start at the top. You start with Bacchetta, the bellwether of performance recumbents!

Frame: Bacchetta Custom Ovalized Cro-Moly
Fork: Bacchetta Carbon Johnson, 1-1/8" alloy Steer
Seat: Bacchetta EuroMesh or ReCurve
Handlebar: Bacchetta Aluminum "Tweener"
Stem: Bacchetta "B-Pivot" Adjustable Stem
Rear Derail: SRAM X7
Front Derail: Microshift R439 SS
Shifters: SRAM X7
Crankset: FSA Omega 50/39/30T
Bottom Bracket: FSA Mega Exo Integrated 
Headset: FSA Orbit-X, 1-1/8" Threadless
Cassette: Sram PG-950, 11-32, 9 speed
Front Brake: Bacchetta Dual Pivot Road
Rear Brake: Bacchetta Dual Pivot Road
Brake Levers: Avid Speed Dial 7
Front Wheel: Xero XR4650 Tri, 650c
Rear Wheel: Xero XR4650 Tri, 650c
Front Tire: Kenda Koncept, 650c x 23
Rear Tire: Kenda Koncept, 650c x 23
Chain: KMC Z99
Pedals: Wellgo LU 897 Platform 
BB Height: 32"
Seat Height: 24.5" mid range
Wheelbase: 46"
Weight: 28 lbs. w/EuroMesh and w/out Pedals
Weight Limit: 275 lbs.*
Gear Range: 23-111"
Color: Ferrari Red
Frame Size: Standard, Large
X-Seam: Medium: 38"-47", Large: 42"-51"
MSRP: $1,799.00

Universal Rear Rack, OFA Bag, Big Bag, Brainbox bag, X-Eyed Top Tube Bag, Planet Bike Speed EZ Fenders, Zefal Spy mirror

Prices are subject to change and do not include shipping and handling or sales tax. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Rider and Gear Makes Up Weight Limit Total

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My Strada
From: Sergio Agramonte, Pompano Beach FL

Good Stuff: Big wheels make it look like DF
Bad Stuff: Not a thing.
How I Ride: Around town, to work and LSD rides

Been riding my Strada for a decade now. And over 20,000. Multiple rides longer than 100. Nothing ever failed so far. Speed, contort and “Versatility” 1. 559 wheels fenders rear rack re-curve or M5 seat Kinesis fork.(around town, club rides) 2. Velcity wheels carbon fiver fork M5 seat.(club rides, long distance) 3. Velocity 650 in front Hed disk in back carbon fork. M5 seat long reach bars. (fast riding long distance) 4. Currently 559 1.25” tires M5 seat Kinesis fork fenders and rear rack long reach bars. (commute brevet type rides) Enough said.

My first 'bent bike
From: Doug Tuttle, Erie, PA

Good Stuff: Speed and quality
Bad Stuff: Little delicate for year round commuting
How I Ride: Commute (30 miles round trip)

Looking for something to replace my old hard tail mountain bike that would go faster and be more comfortable. Tried lots of uprights then tried recumbent and was sold! Have about 12K miles on the Strada, goes great on Erie roads except for when really bad weather hits. Got a 26" with disc brakes for when ice and lots of rain comes. Ride the Strada about 8 months of the year. I love it and my neck, wrists and back love it too.

From: Fabio Marques, Rio de Janeiro

Good Stuff: pedalar
Bad Stuff: Desconforto ao pedalar
How I Ride: Reclinada

Não possuo ainda uma Bacchetta mas tenho experiencia em 26x26 swb e sei que é o meu ideal em re- clinada.Esta f´á brica está nos meus preferidos,parabéns!Ainda vou ter uma!

My first recumbent
From: Carl Panther, Doncaster, England

Good Stuff: It's awesomely fast!
Bad Stuff: Tricky in heavy traffic.
How I Ride: Mainly commuting.

I bought this bike mainly for commuting and I haven't been disappointed. It took a week or so to be confident at setting off and riding in heavy traffic, but steep uphill starts are still best avoided. What this bike does deliver on is speed. It's a lot faster than my road bike on the flat. Only marginally slower uphill, and oh my god does it shift downhill. My 'cruising' speed has increased from average 20mph to 26mph. Doesn't sound like much, but that's 30% faster! I did have the seat sloped right back at first, but it's now I'm about 1/3rd from the low setting and it's far more comfortable, easier to balance and offers a better view whilst still tearing through the air. I was looking at mid racer before I bought the Strada, but I think I made the right decision in this 'high racer' as my 1st recumbent. You still get a reasonable view, along with superb aerodynamics. I've done around 500 miles on this bike, and despite the lack of any suspension, the fact that your weight is spread out on the great seat means there's very little discomfort from bumps in the road. I look forward to my 130 mile trip down to Milton Keynes when the weather picks up. I'm hoping to do it in under 7 hours (it took 8 hours on the road bike).

From: David Jatlow, Delray Beach, FL

Good Stuff: Comfort & Speed
Bad Stuff: A bit harsh on bumps
How I Ride: Flat Out Moderate Speed Cruiser

I rode an upright for 35 years but my back and a recent MRI finally caused me to re-think frame geometry. A year ago I purchased a Sun Tour Easy long wheelbase recumbent. It was not much better on my back than the upright and it was heavy (40 pounds) and therefore slow. I thought the seat angle and Euromesh seat on the Strada might give my back more support and the lighter weight would give me more speed. I've had the bike for about a month. The bike is unbelievably comfortable and I'm very impressed with the speed. I traverse a few bridges over the ICW on my normal ride and the only real downside is that the bike chatters quite a bit on the ridges of the metal grates on the bridges. I'm riding in the 17-18 mph range. I'll be putting on my spd pedals now that I'm comfortable with the handling of the Strada. The only real regret I have is that I probably should have purchased the Aero 2.0 to get more performance.

Great Recumbent!
From: William Buchanan, Snohomish, WA

Good Stuff: Comfortable, fast, lightweight.
Bad Stuff: No for "just around town" riding.
How I Ride: Longer trails/ open distances

Bought this bike in 2002 because of a herniated cervical disk and tired of numb fingers on regular upright bikes. I still have to use my upright for neighborhood rides and riding with my son. But for hitting the long distance trail/road rides this is awesome. Not a good low speed bike, and hard to start from a dead stop. But if you use this for what a racing bred recumbent bicycle was designed for it can't be beat. My dealer put a "Northwest gear set" on the bike when I bought it because of the mountainous region we live in, and so uphills are much less work. Awesome bike!

now over 1000 kms
From: steve bell, calgary

Good Stuff: all of it
Bad Stuff: get disc brakes
How I Ride: sitting down urban

Had my strada 5 years now. Put schwalbes on it and that's it

Fast but not for commuting
From: Sebastian Baptiste, Chicago, IL

Good Stuff: fast and simple
Bad Stuff: weak wheels & brakes
How I Ride: Commute, long distance

Bought mine in 2006 (Giro 26 wasn't available yet), added rear rack, under seat rack and fenders. Used for daily 20 Mile commute, and longer bike trips. Although comfortable, unfit for present road conditions in Chicago area. Rear wheel gave out after 8 months and was replaced for a 36 spoke one. Brakes lacked power. Sold the bike in 2010 for something sturdier.

First shot at Biking
From: G Darst, Port Charlotte/Florida

Good Stuff: Comfort/Speed
Bad Stuff: Not Much
How I Ride: Group/Fast Group

Went from Running to Biking two years ago,with bad wrists, decided to buy a Strada.Smart pick...Ride with the Fast Group/Avg. 20/23+ mph for 35/40 Miles+Fun!

My Strada is my dream bike
From: Z.Johnson, Concord, California

Good Stuff: Very fast, great coasting efficiency, extremely comfortable, high riding visibility
Bad Stuff: Hard to make tight turns (if you even need that)
How I Ride: Long, fast touring

I've had my Strada for about 7 years now. When I was trying to decide on a purchase at the time I went to a shop and tried out maybe 10 different recumbents. What sold me on the Strada was the coasting - unlike any of the other bikes, the Strada kept right on going and hardly dropped any speed at all once I stopped pedaling. It was also the best match for me comfort-wise and I like being higher up for visibility (I was almost run over on my first low riding recumbent by a pickup truck who never saw me). One of the best purchases I've ever made.

Love at first ride
From: Steve Waymeyer, Batavia, OH

Good Stuff: The comfort
Bad Stuff: A little hard to get moving
How I Ride: recreational, some organized rides

I got this bike july of 2009 and I just love to ride it. I am able to see and enjoy the views instead of looking at my front wheel. It handle great, I am still a little unsteady with start ups. I am very satisfied with this bike and if I ever buy another bike it will be a bacchetta.

It's a Winner!
From: Glenn Blackwelder, Franklinton, LA

Good Stuff: Comfort
Bad Stuff: Going up hills -
How I Ride: 30 to 40 miles

Great bike, comfort, speed, rear view mirror is very useful-- a well built bike. I would highly recommend it.

Great Bang for the Buck!
From: Gary Rider, Muskegon, Michigan

Good Stuff: Comfort & Appearance
Bad Stuff: Twitchy at slow speeds
How I Ride: Fast Touring

I have rode and raced DT bikes for 35 years. This is my first recumbent. Have put 1000 miles on it and am having fun riding it. At 6 feet tall on the medium frame, I'm not having any heel strike issues. The biggest challenge was mastering the sensitive steering at slower speeds and getting some recumbent muscles in shape. Have added the Bachetta All-In-One seat bag and Mesh Seat Cover that I highly reccomend. I get a lot of "Cool Bike" comments that I never got on my more expensive DT bikes. Reccomend adding 2 water bottle cages to the sides of the seat frame. The mounts are there, but you have to look closely for them, under the mesh cover. After experimenting with different seat angles, have found that 30 degrees works well for me. I have found that I can ride much further and longer on this bike than I am currently able to do on a DT bike. Will probably upgrade to a lighter preformance model, down the road.... this bike has been a positive experience for me and I am thrilled with it.

Rides as great as it looks!
From: Winston Elston, Atlanta, GA

Good Stuff: Fast and responsive. Looks cool!
Bad Stuff: Squirrely at low speeds, heel interference.
How I Ride: Mostly neighborhood rides

After a serious injury some years ago, my doctor told me to stick to upright bikes. I've changed doctors and bought the Strada, and never looked back. The riding posture was a bit tricky at first, but after some practice it got a lot easier. Components didn't suit my retro-grouch nature, but my half-step gearing conversion works very well; I went to 30-47-52 chainrings with a 11-34 nine-speed cluster using an ancient Shimano "stag's-head" half-step front derailleur and everything seems to get along with the Grip-shifts. I really enjoy rolling this bike out on moderate-speed distance rides; it responds well to my (modest) power input and the ride is very smooth for a short wheelbase. Low speed stability is an issue, and while I'm used to heel-strike now, I still don't like it. The Strada is an eye-catcher, and while mine is showing some wear, it still draws a lot of questions and admiring comments from experienced riders, novices and non-riders alike. My response: If it's not a Bacchetta, it's just a bike.

I'm in love with biking again
From: Gabe Nanni, Naperville, IL

Good Stuff: Speed, smoothness, comfort
Bad Stuff: Agility and tight turns
How I Ride: Aggressive casual

Herniated a disk two years ago and thought I'd never ride again. Spent the last year shopping for 'bents and finally got to ride a Strada. Wow!!! Smooth, fast and no more back pain. Although some new muscles are getting used the legs are acclimating. Only gripe is a tough time with delicate controls. No problem at speed, but a little jiggly in low speed riding and tight turns. It's getting better, as I've only got about 100 miles on the frame. Many more to come, I'm sure.

sleek n fast
From: doug parker, stillwater oklahoma

Good Stuff: comfort, speed
Bad Stuff: turns
How I Ride: leisure

my first recumbent was a Bike E several years ago...and going to my strada was the difference in the world... this is a very awesome bike..

Easy Purchase Option*: You can purchase a complete bicycle directly from Bacchetta if you do not have an authorized Bacchetta recumbent dealer in your area. All Bacchetta short wheel base recumbents are shipped completely built up and ready to ride. All Bacchetta long wheel base recumbents require minimum assembly which is usually limited to putting the front wheel on.

*Applies to customers in the contiguous 48 states. Any customers outside of this area, including foreign customers, please contact us for other available options.

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