Recumbent Cycling Experts of Bacchetta Bikes

Quality is a team effort, and the extraordinary is accomplished
Everyone at BACCHETTA is a member of the team. We value our talented and highly skilled people and we understand that BACCHETTA's success is truly a team effort. Every employee recognizes that teamwork allows everyone to achieve more; and it is this concept that assures a commitment to excellence.

rosterMark Colliton
Bacchetta Co-Founder—Mark Colliton has been designing, building and riding recumbents since the early 1990's. Some of Mark's previous designs have been produced by other companies, including RANS, Angletech and Barcroft and have become standards in the industry. Prior to forming BACCHETTA, Colliton worked in the graphic arts industry for 20 years.

rosterRich Pinto
Rich is responsible for new product development in the company. Additionally, Rich supports our promotional activities and serves as the Bacchetta Race Team coordinator. His work and educational experiences have included civil and electrical engineering and, for the past 19 years, as a homebuilder and developer. Rich's long and varied interest in bicycles eventually led him to the world of recumbents and the founding of Aerocycle, in 1996.

rosterMike Wilkerson
Mike has been in the recumbent bicycle industry for more than 8 years, starting out as an assembler at a major recumbent bicycle company; he moved his way up to become Bicycle Production Manager and eventually Sales Manger for that company. We were lucky to acquire his skills and experience in October of 2001 as he took on the role of Sales Manager. While an active cyclist, Mike also enjoys participating in other sports and maintains an active lifestyle.

rosterJeremy Massey
Jeremy acquired his Bachelors Degree in Finance from the University of South Florida in 2001. Jeremy manages the bookkeeping functions and is also responsible for BACCHETTA's purchasing. Although Jeremy is new to recumbent bicycles, he enjoys a dynamic lifestyle as a fitness advocate. He exercises regularly and participates in many sports including biking, jogging, and fishing.

rosterMark Swanson
Mark Swanson is a business entrepreneur. He has successfully led three start-up companies prior to starting BACCHETTA. Swanson is also an avid recumbent cyclist.

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