Recumbent Bike Fitting - The Perfect Bent Bike For You

The following information is provided as a summarized view of proper fit and set up for your Bacchetta Recumbent Bicycle. For more detailed information and to learn how to make the necessary recumbent bicycle adjustments, please refer to your Bacchetta Owner's Manual (also available on our web site) or visit your authorized Bacchetta recumbent bike dealer.


Your Bacchetta dealer is well qualified to assess and adjust the fit of your new recumbent bicycle, starting with the proper frame size. Choosing the correct frame size can be the single most important element in guaranteeing the proper fit and ride of your new recumbent bike. Below is a listing of our available models and frame sizes:

The following is a listing of our available models and frame sizes for our full line of recumbents
Cafe Bellandare Agio Bella Giro 20 Giro 26 Strada Corsa Carbon Aero
Standard Standard Standard Small 37.5" Small 11.5"
Medium 41.5" Medium 14" Medium 13" Medium 13" Medium 12.5" Medium 12.5"
Large 14" Large 15" Large 15" Large 14" Large 14"

The above numbers are the length of the boom on each of the individual frame sizes of our recumbents. You can check the frame size of your Bacchetta recumbent bike by measuring the boom from the center of the head tube (the area where the fork comes up through the frame) to the center of the bottom bracket (or center of your crank set).

Corsa and CarbonAero- Note that the boom lengths on these two models only differs by 1.5” between the large and medium frame. The remainder of the size difference on these large frames is achieved by adding 1” to the main tube, behind the head tube. The wheelbase on the large Corsa and large CA2.0 are 1” longer than the medium frames, using our fork. Wheelbase will vary some with different fork rake.

The different frame sizes allow you to choose a frame that best allows you to properly distribute your body weight over the frame.

X-Seam Measurement For Proper Recumbent Bike Fit

*The x-seam measurements shown for each of the individual Bacchetta recumbent models, are merely guidelines. Proper adjustment of leg length along with seat recline, all have the ability to greatly affect your x-seam measurement. Please keep these items in mind in choosing the correct frame size for your Bacchetta recumbent bicycle.

To determine the correct recumbent frame size, it is important that you take an X-Seam measurement. Different from the inseam measurement used on traditional road bikes, an X-Seam uses a measurement based on the entire length of your leg, which is a necessary measurement when purchasing a recumbent bicycle. Following are the steps, along with an illustration, of the correct method of taking an x-seam measurement.

  1. Remove your shoes and sit on the floor with your back against the wall.

  2. Make an effort to push your glutes (butt) as far as possible into the angle where the floor and the wall meet.

  3. Extend your legs in front of you with your toes pointing upward (do not point toes out).

  4. Have someone measure from the wall to your heel. This is your X-Seam measurement, which will be used to choose a proper size for your new Bacchetta bent bike.

We recommend that you have your Bacchetta recumbent bike dealer take your X-Seam measurement before riding!

After taking an accurate X-Seam measurement, your bike dealer can help you determine the correct frame size.

Now move on to Rider Setup...

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