Rider Feedback: Cletus Lee, Aero Basso

Posted on Jan 7, 2007

As far back as I can remember, I have always been ‘vertically challenged’. As a youth in track & field, I always finished races somewhere in the middle, mainly due I to my short legs.

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Rider Feedback: Andrea Bracken, Giro

Posted on Jan 6, 2007

I’ve always believed that the key to a successful exercise regiment is to find an activity that you love, then stick with it. For the past 15 years I’ve grown to love the sport of cycling and I join my biking buddies every Sunday for our weekly dose of “social riding”.

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Rider Feedback: Tony Anthonisen, Giro

Posted on Jan 5, 2007

I want to thank you for a truly wonderful bike – my Giro! I have ridden bicycles extensively for about 40 years. I usually ride a bicycle about 1500 miles during the six rideable months in Minnesota each year.

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Rider Feedback: Pat Dunn, Corsa

Posted on Jan 4, 2007

As a devoted bike rider who is beginning to feel the limitations of age, I can’t possibly describe how delighted I am to have found that biking doesn’t have to be painful and I don’t have to sacrifice speed or comfort.

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Rider Feedback: Dan Acfalle, Aero

Posted on Jan 3, 2007

Two years ago, after I built a Baron lowracer, I saw a picture of the Aero, which became my dream bike. Zach Kaplan had one & raved about it. Earlier this year, I raced the 2004 Cherry Pie criterium with John Schlitter, where he lapped the entire field twice (including streamliners) to take the win on his Aero. I had [...]

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Rider Feedback: Terry Massey, Giro 26

Posted on Jan 1, 2007

I’ve had my Bacchetta Giro 26 for less than a week and I can tell you I love it. I’ve probably already put 40 miles on the bike during the week so far(morning rides) and my first weekend with it is coming up and plan a nice 30-40 mile tour here in south Texas.

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