The Ultimate Recumbent Bike – Bacchetta’s Carbon Aero

Posted on Nov 9, 2007

As I reached the base of my “Power Hill”, I jumped on the pedals hard. The stealth prototype frame beneath me surged forward with total authority and minimum drama. The PowerTap registered 1067 watts, a new personal record! I am one of the lucky few that have participated in testing of Bacchetta’s new CarbonAero.

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Recumbent Bike Equivalent of J-Lo – The Bacchetta Aero

Posted on Nov 8, 2007

Long, long ago during a now forgotten era, recumbents were only made of steel and aluminum. Times have certainly changed. Carbon fiber ‘bents aren’t nearly as rare as they once were and titanium recumbents are becoming almost commonplace. There are no less than five being produced in the United States alone with more on the way. One of the most [...]

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My Dream Recumbent Bike – The Bacchetta Ti Aero

Posted on Nov 7, 2007

Before I describe my dream bike, I have to tell you about my nightmare. In my nightmare I’m riding my ‘bent and pull up to a light. A pack of uprights—well-toned racers in bright team jerseys—pulls up next to me. “Nice bike!” the leader says, looking down at my ‘bent. I beam with pride as he takes an eyeful of [...]

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Recumbent Bike Rider Review – Corsa Line Of Recumbents

Posted on Nov 6, 2007

The Corsa is the least known of the Bacchetta line of high performance Highracer recumbents. It’s hidden neatly in between the dual 26 Strada and the ultra-light Aero. The Corsa has the same frame as the Strada, but has upgraded components, dual 650c wheels, a stiff CroMo frame, M5 fiberglass shell seat, and weighs a mere 26 pounds.

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Bacchetta Strada Recumbent Bike: All We Hoped For?

Posted on Nov 5, 2007

Probably the most anticipated member of Bacchetta’s debut line-up is the dual 26″ Strada. Big wheel ‘bents are quickly becoming all the rage in the American recumbent market (The 2002 Saber and Reynolds T-Bone are also gaining a lot of attention) and the Strada has looked to be a worthy addition to this burgeoning niche market since its Interbike 2001 [...]

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Bacchetta Strada Recumbents – Open-Road High Roller

Posted on Nov 4, 2007

The Bacchetta Strada is a new concept for the American market. European manufacturers like M5 and Challenge have been producing big-wheel recumbents (often called highracers) for years. However, with the exception of a few one-offs and Rich Pinto’s Aerocycle line, highracers have been pretty rare in the United States. Rich has since joined the Bacchetta gang and added his high-octane [...]

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Bacchetta Strada Recumbent Bicycle – A New Tradition?

Posted on Nov 3, 2007

As a kid, I never found myself drawn toward the major sports such as football, baseball, or hockey as much as my peers. I couldn’t have cared less who won the pennant or the Indy 500. I would rather ride my bike on my favorite routes and renew old friendships, but I never considered myself to be athletic. Even when [...]

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Giro Recumbent Bike By Bacchetta: Ride It, And You’ll Buy It!

Posted on Nov 2, 2007

By Jose A. Hernandez, BentRider Online Co-Founder My very first “not–so-close encounter” with the Giro, during Interbike 2001, had me “looking at” but not really “seeing” this bike. Sure, the Giro did look pretty good as it meekly posed on its display stand. But I guess I must’ve felt that this bike wasn’t new or different enough to command my [...]

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