Bacchetta Will Be Closed For The Holidays and Thank You!

Posted on Dec 17, 2009

We will be closed from Tuesday, December 22nd through January 4th, 2010 when we will re-open to regular winter hours. If you have basic questions during this time, we recommend contacting your dealer or asking the question on our forum, which we will continue to monitor during this period. In the context of a bad year, we’ve had a pretty [...]

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Bella- The Transportable Long Wheelbase Recumbent

Posted on Dec 9, 2009

One common complaint with a LWB recumbent, is transportability.  After all, they are quite a bit longer than a SWB recumbent.  But who says you cannot at least make a go at it?  Let’s face it, these days a ton of people are driving vans, trucks w/toppers or SUV’s and want their bike inside.  And although this article may not work [...]

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Bacchetta Updates- Winter Hours and New Shop Items

Posted on Dec 4, 2009

Just a couple of items I want to keep everyone abreast of… New Winter Hours- Starting this week, our office will be open Monday-Thursday, 9:30 am till 5:30 pm, ET.  We will be closed on Fridays, until phone and email traffic pick up again- hopefully early next year.  We’ll also be taking these Friday’s to work on finalizing new product and begin [...]

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