Bacchetta Announces the Sale of its Recumbent Bicycle Line to Bent Up Cycles


June 18th, 2021 

Bacchetta Bicycles, one of the world’s leading recumbent bicycle manufacturers, announced the sale of its recumbent bicycle line to Bent Up Cycles based in North Hollywood, California.

Mark Swanson, CEO of Bacchetta, said, “Other business interests along with the resulting supply chain issues over the past year from Covid 19 caused us to start looking at strategic options for Bacchetta. With the consolidation of the manufacturing, wholesale and retail channels, we thought the best option was to talk to our top retailers. Having worked with Dana Lieberman and his team over the past 17 years, we have found the perfect fit to carry the brand forward.”

Dana Lieberman, President of Bent Up Cycles, commented, “We are excited to acquire the Bacchetta line of bikes. Bacchetta has become synonymous with performance and quality. Their bikes are designed for real-world performance with simple, innovative designs that have set a precedent for recumbent bikes in the US. We plan investments in product development and are committed to expanding recumbent innovation and the great customer support Bacchetta has been known for.

Bacchetta Bicycles, Inc. launched its business with a line of “high-racer” recumbent bikes at Interbike in 2001. In a few short years, the company achieved renowned respect in the bicycle industry for producing an exceptional line of recumbent bicycles. Their bikes helped redefine the recumbent category by introducing bikes that looked great and performed at levels that surpassed the best diamond frame racing bikes.

In 2004, Bent Up Cycles opened in Los Angeles, and Bacchetta was one of the first brands on their floor. Bent Up Cycles is a premium dealer specializing in custom Bacchetta builds for racers and enthusiasts alike. Dana Lieberman raced with Team Bacchetta in Race Across America in 2012. Bent Up Cycles will continue working with Bacchetta’s established dealer network to continue to provide great service along with exceptional recumbent bicycles.

Contact info: Bent Up Cycles, North Hollywood, California Phone: (818) 358-2740 Email: