Carbon Aero 2.0 (650c)
Recumbent Bike

MSRP: $4200

ModelCarbon Aero 2.0 (650c)
Designed ByRich Pinto
FrameBacchetta Custom Carbon 2.0
ForkBacchetta Full Carbon Johnson, w/ 1-1/8" Carbon Steer
SeatCarbon w/Velo Genesis seat stay clamps
HandlebarBacchetta AERO
StemBacchetta “3p-Stiffy” Riser w/BFT
Rear DerailSRAM X0
Front DerailMicroshift R439 SS
ShiftersSRAM X0
CranksetFSA Hollow Carbon 52/39/30T
Bottom BracketFSA Mega Exo, Integrated
HeadsetFSA Orbit-X, 1-1/8"
CassetteSRAM PG970 11-32t, 9spd
Front BrakeX-eyed CNC Dual Pivot Road
Rear BrakeX-eyed CNC Dual Pivot Road
Brake LeversAvid Speed Dial SL
Front WheelVuelta Corsa Lite (650c)
Rear WheelVuelta Corsa Lite (650c)
Front TireKenda Kaliente L3R Pro, 571x23c
Rear TireKenda Kaliente L3R Pro, 571x23c
ChainKMC X9
PedalsWellgo LU 897 Platform
BB Height32"
Seat Height23.5"
WheelbaseStandard frame: 46”
Weight21 lbs. w/out Pedals
Weight Limit250 lbs.* (*Rider and Gear Makes Up Weight Limit Total)
Gear Range23 -115
ColorPearl Orange
Frame SizeStandard Only: 12.5" boom
X SeamStandard: 37"-46"

SRAM TT500 10 Speed Bar End Shifters with X9 Rear Derailleur- $250

Fenders: Planet Bike Speed-EZ fender set $45
Bags: One For All (OFA) Bag $65
Brain Box $65
Top Tube Bag $36
Cage: Stainless Steel bottle cage $10
Mirrors: Zefal Spy mirror $20
Mountain Mirrycle Mirror $20
Lights: One Arm Bandit (OAB) Light mount $32
Planet Bike Superflash Taillight $30
Tires: Kenda Kaliente L3R Pro (23c) $35
Tubes: All Bacchetta stock wheel sizes (Presta valve) $6

13 reviews for Carbon Aero 2.0 (650c)

  1. Robert Volk


    So glad i got one !


    What I Like: comfy and fast!

    What I Dislike: A neck rest option would be great.

    How I Ride: ultra-endurance

    Worth the $! Upgraded from a 2005 Corsa I purchased 6 years ago. Comfy and a smooth ride, nice shifting. The first ride I did on the new CA2 was 100 miles and i set a new PR (4h58m) spring of 2017, 6 minutes faster than last fall in October! yeah, it is fast, my avg speed went from 17-18 to 19-20. So cool.

  2. Dr. Alan Bragman


    fabulous bike

    Atlanta GA

    What I Like: rides like a dream, stiff frame, light

    What I Dislike: cost

    How I Ride: fast road riding

    I have been riding recumbents for about 8 years. this is my 4th Bacchetta and they just keep getting better. This bike is stiff, light and it handles and shifts beautifully. This makes it easier to stay with the fast young riders on group training rides, and at 57 years old I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the great ride Alan Bragman

  3. Rick Gibbs


    Fabulous bike!

    Madera CA

    What I Like: Great bike for the money, fast, goes up well, goes downhill like a rocket, incredibly comfortable, loads of fun, great looking

    What I Dislike: Absolutely nothing

    How I Ride: Long to short, flat to hilly, slow to fast

    As a 35 year rider who developed back problems this bike was a life saver. No more back pain. It took me less than 2 weeks to become completely comfortable on this bike. It makes me want to keep riding and riding. It is very easy to master. The miles go by with much less effort than on a traditional bike. The shifting is as smooth as glass. It is at least 2 mph faster on the flats than my Dura Ace full carbon traditional bike. I think that this bike is quite a bargain for what it is. The people at Bacchetta are very helpful if you should have any questions. Fabulous work guys!

  4. David Super


    The CA 2.0 is one fine machine!


    What I Like: The fact that it's 20 lbs for a bent

    What I Dislike: none that I can think of

    How I Ride: average 130mi weekly in season 18+mph

    Started with a ’06 Corsa and bought my CA 2.0 in ’09. What a great machine. I thought the Corsa was fast and comfortable, which it was, but so is the CA 2.0. I have, however made a few changes. It comes with an 11/32 cassette and found this to be overkill. I switched to a 12/27 which does fine for me even in the hills. I also changed the middle chain ring from a 39 to a 42. And the last change was Spinergy Carbon wheels. My overall opinion of the bike is that it is an awesome ride. Light weight at about 20 lbs. 6+/- lbs from the Corsa. I find the bike to be more aero and much faster from a start and very responsive. The bike is very comfortable to ride for long periods of time. There are no numb hands or sore necks. There is no fatigue at all from the waist up. When I am finished riding, I feel almost as fresh as when I started. I recommend this bike to anyone looking for a better ride. Get off that diamond frame and move up to something better and faster.

  5. Jonathan Krieger


    Great bike and great service

    Grand Rapids, MI

    What I Like: Fast, Comfortable, Looks Great

    What I Dislike: Drive train a bit noisy

    How I Ride: Long day rides, non-competitive

    My old ride was a Rans V-Rex. Nice bike but a bit heavy for my aging legs. Was hoping for a machine that would increase my efficiency and expand my radius of travel. The CA 2.0 has done that and more. Last year I was content with 40-50 mile rides. Now 65 or more miles is the norm. Rode 102 miles the other day and was really surprised. In spite of the passqage of 5 years since my last century this was clearly the easiest long ride I’ve ever done. Comfort was actually better than my old V-Rex. City travel is better than I expected and not intimidating. What a great touring machine this has turned out to be! The drive train noise I noted was only in comparison to my previous bike which is very quiet in that regard. I should mention I bought this bike direct and Mike did a great job setting this bike up! (I had been on a Corsa before so this eased the process a bit) Seems crazy buying a bike this expensive without the benefit of a test ride. But if you do your homework Bacchetta does a great job with this program. More importantly, when I needed service with one item, Mike was there and promptly took care of things–and then some. Darn I love companies that value service. Don’t underestimate the value of this sadly vanishing commodity. So just in case you’re wondering………..Buy Baccetta!

  6. David Rayl


    What fantastic bike

    Escondido, California

    What I Like: Stiff, fast, responsive

    What I Dislike: Not enough time to ride.

    How I Ride: Several short hill climb rides and one long flat ride a week for exercise.

    I upgraded to my CA2.0 from a Rans F5 Pro about nine months ago because I wanted a lighter go fast bike. I was very pleasantly surprised at my first ride, not only was it lighter, it’s handling was much sharper and the CA2.0 seems to transfer power more efficiently. Owning the CA2.0 led me to the purchase of my Giro 26 ATT, love it as well.

  7. Stan O’Neal


    Best Bike

    Benbrook, TX

    What I Like: Everything

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: Serious Recreation

    3000 miles and counting. 2012 is my second summer with this bike, and I wish I had gotten the CA 2.0 sooner. It is wonderful! I’ve been getting better average speeds and less body ache than on the traditional road bike. There’s something about the way the rider is positioned on this bike that appears to help reduce wind resistance and greatly increase pedaling efficiency. I bought a frame set and built it the way I wanted it. The Bacchetta people really know their bikes, and they were great to deal with. Any questions I had were answered promptly, and they helped me build my bike and get it properly fitted. I highly recommend this bike to anyone

  8. Curtis Weinstein


    I'm back in the saddle again

    Lake Geneva, WI

    What I Like: Speed, comfort, looks, no chiropractor

    What I Dislike: This feeling of superiority

    How I Ride: Hilly 50-75 mile rides @ 17+

    It all started in Aspen, Co. where as a high school student I traded my Schwinn Varsity for a Peugeot. 44 years later, pounding the pavement on numerous great uprights became a painful austerity. We use to chase down recumbents, and rather than zip by, I would engage in dialogue and felt these riders all had an aire of sophistication with the consummate smile. I researched a recumbent that would prolong my love of riding, which led me to what I felt was the ideal machine. with the CA2.0, I got it right the first try. This is an extremely comfortable and responsive machine. It took me a month to keep pace with my diamond frame colleagues, but four months later, they can no longer keep pace. Two buddies are now researching Bacchetta’s of their own. I’ve learned to carry my speed and power up the Wisconsin hills. No substitute for strong legs, but the knees do ache after a vigorous jaunt. I purchased the Sram XO Drive train with the FSA SLK Carbon Crank and a am satisfied with snappy solid shifts. I ride with Bontrager race lite wheels. Love the Corvette blue pain job. I wholeheartedly recommend this bike those that want to tour distance and enjoy performance machines.

  9. Brenda Nash


    Carbon Aero 2.0

    Spring, Tx.

    What I Like: Looks Great; Speed; Comfort; Light weight; & Get lots of looks!

    What I Dislike: That I Can't ride more!!

    How I Ride: Neighborhood with lots of good streets & hills

    I am 55 yrs. of age, and have always been into health & fitness, was riding a regular road bike, and nothing but aches & pains, so I purchased my Carbon Aero in September of 2012, and in 3 months, I have almost 700 miles on it. I absolutely love the ride, very comfortable; and I wish I had more time to ride. The seat is very comfortable; I get a lot of funny looks, but most everyone gives me a thumbs up, and yells, ” I like that bike, or Cool Bike”, so I just smile, wave, and keep pedaling. I am the happiest when I’m on my bike, and in 2013, I plan to roll it many, many miles! Happy Trails to you!

  10. keith Barkalow


    GREAT Bike

    Sun Prairie, WI

    What I Like: comfort for 100+ mile rides

    What I Dislike: nothing

    How I Ride: road and trails

    I used to say, that on a diamond-framed bike that the fun was over around 75 miles; sore: hands, seat, neck, & back. I ride my CA 2.0 100+ miles without any of those complaints.

  11. Dave


    It's fast

    Arlington, TX

    What I Like: speed/weight

    What I Dislike: I would like the tweeners to be longer

    How I Ride: quick rides less than 3hr

    My first bent was a Cycle Genius Raven, which I liked but it had a few drawbacks, it was heavy, very long and hard to manuver. I switched to the CA 2.0 last July and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I do wish that fittings had been provided for water bottles.

  12. Bradley Meek


    Great easy/low maintenance recumbent

    Glendale, AZ

    What I Like: I no longer have to mail order tires and tubes and carry 2 different size tubes when riding

    What I Dislike: Turning circle is wider than short wheel base recumbent

    How I Ride: 40-65 mile rides with vertical climb of 1000 to 1800 feet.

    I started riding a well used Rans V-Rex 9 yrs ago after an accident left me with 7 mos before I would ride again. I researched and discovered how much safer recumbents are. 16,000 miles later I loved everything about my V-Rex except the 32 pounds empty and over 40 (with 100 oz Camelback and supplies like having to carry 2 different tubes for front and rear tires which had to be mail ordered because even in Phoenix only the least expensive tires/tubes were available for 20/26 inch rims) The Carbon Aero 2.0 is the answer to that and much more. Light weight, much softer ride(I no longer cringe going over road cracks) and much lower rolling resistance. Being a larger rider 6′ 3 inches 230 lbs it took a little time to get used to the seat and I used a small pillow for my back(just above the waist) for only 2 weeks until it was not needed. The turning radius is wider but I quickly learned when faced with a sharp turn > 90 degrees to uncleat the foot on the side of the turn and I can cut the turning radius by 70%. Minor caution when turning sharply because it is till possible to hit the heel of your shoe against the front wheel but it is much more unlikely and less severe than on a short wheelbase(nothing quite like having your shoe taken off when making a turn). I now have 2100 miles on the Aero and have to admit I have yet to get back on the V-Rex once, even though it is in perfect operating condition. I now can and have bought tires and tubes at any bike store in Phoenix… So if you are interested in ride comfort, the safety of being the most visable bike on the road, speed/stability, and ease of tires/tubes at any bike shop the Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 should be the bike for you. If you have never ridden a recumbent before definitely spend time on a short or long wheelbase recumbent first. Get instruction from another recumbent rider and or research about how to ride on the internet first. There is a learning curve but the comfort level compared to a regular bike is hard to be believed until you try it. I get kidded by other riders that I have a recliner with wheels….little do they know how true the comment is……In over 18,000 miles in recumbents I have never once had numb hands, sore bottom or neck/shoulder discomfort.

  13. Dennis M. Giaruso


    Dream Machine!

    Carlsbad, CA

    What I Like: Light weight, smooth ride, fast, looks impressive!

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: Long, Bike Paths, Streets, Hilly terrain.

    A shoulder issue required a move from road bikes to recumbents. I started with a RANS Tailwind. Shoulder problem solved, but the RANS was heavy and slow. I then rode a Bacchetta Corsa for 1 ½ years (still own). Loved it! In 2011 I graduated to the slightly faster Bacchetta CA 2.0 (Bent Up Cycles, North Hollywood, CA); love it even more. The CA 2.0 fits me well. My CA 2.0 has multiple upgrades: FSA SLK Carbon Crank, SRAM X0 rear derail, Crank Bros. Candy 3 Bike Pedals (perfect!), and Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels. The original wheels were fine, except the spokes would loosen often. I love that carbon seat and the 2” thick pad. Soooo comfortable! All the other reviewers’ high praise for the CA 2.0 is right on: Good looking, smooth ride, light weight, comfortable, fast, etc. I can verify the CA 2.0 is fast. I am 77 and I recently passed a young “TDF” whippersnapper on a roady doing 25 mph. I was doing 27 mph (level, no wind) when I passed him. I could have gone much faster, but didn’t want to hurt his young feelings. I ride 120 – 165 miles/week. I am stopped often on the streets to explain the bike, how I ride it, and to receive praises (cool, neato, etc.). I’ve even had people stop me and ask to take my picture with the bike (TRUE). I have had a few negative comments from roady snobs. The only thing I noticed different on the CA 2.0 is the noisy chain drive. I have gotten used to it, so it is really not an issue. Also, I did manage to break off the handlebars at the stock stem/riser weld joint apparently caused from my bad habit of pulling up on the handlebars. I contacted Bacchetta who sent me an alternative, far beefier design that solved that problem. Riding the Corsa and the CA 2.0 style bikes in traffic, starting on hills, tight turns, etc., took training I developed on my own. Balancing the CA 2.0 is not a problem, but tight turns while pedaling with knees between the handlebars can get tricky. It took a little time to “get it”; since, there aren’t a lot of recumbent riders around from whom to learn. The Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 is an excellent machine/experience and I’d highly recommend it.

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