Corsa A65
Recumbent Bike

MSRP: $2400

Since the Corsa received a face lift in 2005, it has become one of the most sought after performance recumbents on the market. Not only does the Corsa model come with a rigorously tested Aluminum frame, it also comes standard with the evolutionary EuroMesh saddle and a component package that will make your fellow recumbent riders salivate!

Check out the complete component package for the Corsa, ride one for yourself and you’ll very quickly see why all of the other Corsa riders on the road have just two words for their recumbent cycling brothers:
See ya!

ModelCorsa A65
Designed ByMark Colliton
FrameBacchetta Custom Ovalized Aluminum
ForkBacchetta Carbon Johnson, 1-1/8"
SeatBacchetta EuroMesh
HandlebarBacchetta AERO
StemBacchetta “3p-Stiffy” Riser w/BFT
Rear DerailSRAM X7
Front DerailMicroshift R439 SS
ShiftersSRAM X9
CranksetFSA Gossamer 50/39/30T
Bottom BracketFSA Mega Exo Integrated
HeadsetFSA Orbit-X, 1-1/8"
CassetteSRAM PG970 11-32t 9spd
Front BrakeBacchetta Dual Pivot Road
Rear BrakeBacchetta Dual Pivot Road
Brake LeversAvid Speed Dial 7
Front WheelVuelta Corsa Lite (650c)
Rear WheelVuelta Corsa Lite (650c)
Front TireKenda Kaliente L3R Pro, 571x23c
Rear TireKenda Kaliente L3R Pro, 571x23c
ChainKMC Z99
PedalsWellgo LU 897 Platform
BB Height32"
Seat Height23.5"
WheelbaseStandard frame: 46”
Weight24.5 lbs w/ EuroMesh and w/out Pedals
Weight Limit250 lbs.*
Gear Range22.8-110.5
ColorPro Orange w/White Panel
Frame SizeStandard Only
X SeamStandard: 37"-46"
Forks: Bacchetta Aluminum Disc ($60)
Bacchetta Full Carbon $100
Seats: Bacchetta ReCurve N/C
Bacchetta Carbon $250
Brakes: Bacchetta X-Eyed-brakes $200
Wheels: Vuelta Corsa Super-Lite (700c) $100
Vuelta Carbon 50A (700c) $800
Drivetrain: X-0 9 speed (shifters & RD) $350
SRAM TT500 Bar-End, 10 speed $250
Cranks: FSA SLK Light Carbon $250
Fenders: Planet Bike Speed-EZ fender set $45
Bags: Big Bag $65
One For All (OFA) Bag $65
Brain Box $65
Top Tube Bag $36
Cage: Stainless Steel bottle cage $10
Racks: Universal Rear Rack $60
Mirrors: Zefal Spy mirror $20
Mountain Mirrycle Mirror $20
Lights: One Arm Bandit (OAB) Light mount $32
Planet Bike Superflash Taillight $30
Kickstand: Kickstand mount w/Greenfield kickstand $40
Tires: Kenda Kaliente L3R Pro (23c) $35
Tubes: All Bacchetta stock wheel sizes (Presta valve) $6

17 reviews for Corsa A65

  1. David H

    Best bike I have ever ridden

    Perthshire Scotland

    What I Like: Build quality, speed, pain free cycling

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: Road cycling with lots of hills

    I bought a Corsa A65 due to health issues which affect older gentlemen. Previously I had been riding DF bikes for over 40 years. I was not new to recumbent as I bought a trike a few years previously. But I wanted a fast recumbent to replace my DF road bikes. The Cords fits the bill perfectly, it is fast, light and is very comfortable. It also handles hill in Scotland with ease. I can now ride with no pain and in comfort. It took me about 100 or so miles to get the hang of it but it honestly is the best bike I have ever ridden…thanks Bacchetta.

  2. Chris


    great...Love mine


    What I Like: great for long rides, good performance

    What I Dislike: not great for city,

    How I Ride: city.... performance but fun

    I have had mine about 1yr. 1200 mi. great for long rides in country like “hotter than hell”, but I ride in city and wonder if bella ATT might be better. Either way I love my corsa. great bike with great performance.

  3. Martin Atton


    Ingenious design

    Taunton England

    What I Like: Fast, comfortable, stable

    What I Dislike: Heel strike

    How I Ride: 20 - 70 mile rides 17mph

    Great machine. Very fast, climbs better than my other recumbents. Well made. Clever design. Would prefer 559 wheels foe ease of replacement. Can ride all day with no pain. Elegant engineering solutions in the design.

  4. Amy


    I LOVE My Recumbent

    St Petersburg, FL

    What I Like: It's Comfort

    What I Dislike: Ya Get No Respect from Roadies

    How I Ride: Group Rides 20-22 mph and Distance rides

    Having back issues, a triangle frame was not an option. All I can say now is THANK GOD! Not only is this bike comfortable, it’s fast, durable and oh so aero. I would NEVER ride any thing else, unless it was Baccetta’s Carbon Areo.

  5. Mike Dixon


    Light & Fast

    Bournemouth U.K.

    What I Like: Light Fast & well built

    What I Dislike: Not much !! but I can't get on with Handle Bars might change over to Hamster with tiller. I would also like to change the length of the cranks by reducing them to 160mm

    How I Ride: weekends rides on my recumbents (velokraft NoCom) (Mike Burrows Ratrace) and (catrike explorer)r

    I have owned the Corsa for about 7 months now and have enjoyed riding it very much ,it’s so nice to be high up in comparison to my other recumbents in traffic and the light weight makes climbing a dream. The only things I like the change would be the superman Handlebars as I really think hamster bars are faster i.e. by putting you in a more aerodynamic body position. The only other thing I would change is the length of the cranks .By reducing the length to 160 mm you really save your knees!!! great bike 5 stars

  6. Bob Crawford


    Four Yr. Old & Still Love it!

    New Orleans, LA

    What I Like: Comfortable!, Fast, Nimble, ease of handling

    What I Dislike: Seat-feel frame bar under foam

    How I Ride: 3-4 days/wk, 15-25 miles/ride

    I pull one, sometimes even two bike trailers with it when I take my sons. It rides great. The mesh seat is comfortable to a point. Mesh is stretched over seat frame bar which (for me) sometimes causes a pressure point/discomfort on seat bones, sitting on that bar (when biking more than 10 to 15 miles. You feel the bar thru the foam. I’m going to order the molded carbon seat (upgrade) to replace my mesh/frame seat.

  7. Andrew B


    I love it and don't even own one...yet!

    Colunbia, SC

    What I Like: Everything about it.

    What I Dislike: Waiting to own one!

    How I Ride: Fast group rides, commuting to work

    I don’t own one yet, and at this moment I cannot afford it. But I believe in the Law of Attraction and somehow a Bacchetta Corsa will come to me. I have made room in my garage and am even ready to part with my Titus road bike and my incomplete Sun EZ Speedster so that the Corsa can take a place of honor in my garage–when I’m not riding it, that is. Thanks Bacchetta! Andrew B.

  8. Zach


    Great bike I recommend it to everyone


    What I Like: Great ride quailty, fast, great build quality

    What I Dislike: nothing

    How I Ride: I mostly ride trails.

    I bought this bike about 3 months ago. I considered them after having trouble with a DF bike. I was diagnosed with prostatitis from the pressure of a seat. I got this bike now you cant get me off of it. I think i will double or even triple my miles from last year easily. I can average 18-19 mph on it over long trips so it is pretty fast too and will only get faster as I put more miles on it. I recommend this bike to anyone that is sick of dealing with pain on a diamond frame bike. It has helped me out alot. Thanks Bacchetta!

  9. Wyolasam


    No pain, all gain!


    What I Like: Comfort, vision, performance

    What I Dislike: Transporting 2 on bike rack

    How I Ride: 12 mph, hills and valley, fun and fitness

    Fast, sure handling, fun. Easy on the back, neck, wrists. We recommend for other women who want a fun ride and great exercise!

  10. Mark McCutcheon


    Solid, well made bike

    New Market, AL

    What I Like: Speed, stability, and handling

    What I Dislike: Is comfortable, but I added lumbar padding

    How I Ride: Local plus 35 - 50 mile rural trips

    Corsa 700c is faster, more stable, and handles and climbs somewhat better than my 4000+ mile Cafe. Changed to a 26t small chain ring, greatly helping my 55 yr 193 lbs climb. Good company to work with.

  11. Paul D.


    Incredible Bike

    Magnolia, NJ

    What I Like: Speed, comfort, quality design and craftmanship, customer service

    What I Dislike: Days when I can't ride

    How I Ride: 16 to 18 mph club rides

    I purchased the 700c model with X-eyed brakes, full carbon Johnson fork and Alex 320DX Tri wheel options. It’s an amazing bike. I Initially had some trouble with the rear wheel staying true. But Bacchetta immediately shipped new wheels and the problem is gone. It’s the best bike I’ve ever owned. I can’t imagine riding anything else – well maybe a Carbon Aero 2 one day…

  12. Bruce Robertson


    Conversion complete

    Sarasota, Florida

    What I Like: New position comfort

    What I Dislike: nothing

    How I Ride: long distance

    Really happy with my first recumbent the Corsa. I had my concerns at first with the learning curve, but after a couple of long rides (50-60 miles) I quickly felt comfortable with the handling. Everything is just a bit different, the muscle you use, get out of the clips, starting…but in the end my speed has increased by 1 to 2 miles per hour and my upper body fatigue has so decreased that it is no longer a factor in my distance. Great bike, light, well designed and easy to work on. I would recommend it to anyone.

  13. Craig


    The more I ride it the better I like it

    Los Angeles, CA

    What I Like: It is VERY comfortable

    What I Dislike: Diificult to transport I could put the diamond frame bike in the trunk of a sedan with both wheels off this barly fits in a SUV with both wheels off

    How I Ride: 75 to 100 miles a week in hills

    I loved riding my diamond frame bike. This was a compromise with my wife to get riding again after a hard fall. I must say the more I ride this the more I like it. It is very comfortable. I have been riding it for about a year now and it is fast on the flats and down hill. I was never a great climber at 6’4″ 235 but think I can get back to previous up hill speeds on this bike with more conditioniong and weight loss. It took me 3 to 4 months to really feel comfortable in all traffic and road situations so don’t think you are going to jump on it an be the same as your diamond frame but if you are coming off a fairly aggressive diamond frame road bike and because of back, seat, neck, old age etc. issue need a change and want to keep peddling this is a good choice. I was after under seat stearing I understand the Areo benefits of the handle bar options but would still like a USS option. This thing is way fast down hill and The areo would not be affected on the up hill I spend a lot of time doing and the lower arms and shoulder positions would be more stable and comfortable. It is a great ride fun and VERY comfortable.

  14. Frank Keoppel


    Super Corsa

    Ogden UT

    What I Like: Speed Comfort

    What I Dislike: Learning curve

    How I Ride: 150 miles+ Fast training a week

    I had about a 4 grand limit for my bike budget, and I was torn between the CA2 and Corsa. If I got the CA at $4200, it would have to stay stock although the stock component spec is very good. If I got the Corsa I could trick it out with the “Race Spec”. When I was told the CA frames were about a month out, the Corsa got the nod. The upgrades were ALX 320 wheels, Carbon Johnson Full Carbon Fork, FSA SLK carbon crank, X-O drive train, shifters derailleur. A carbon seat, X-Eyed brakes, KMC Gold chain. This put my “Super Corsa” to about the same price range as the CA2 with enough left over for jerseys. I love this bike. It’s fast, on flats it’s faster than my 10 grand DF road bike. Uphills it is about the same to a point where on hills steeper than 20% grade the DF is faster and easier. On downhills the Corsa is definitely faster and way more stable, but most importantly It Is FUN !!! I started looking at bent bikes because of developing back problems, but I wished I would have looked years ago, they are so dang fun. Cornering is unreal, you are so connected to the bike with maximum feedback like a go-cart but still balancing on two wheels like a DF bike. This combo gives a unique experience and feel to cornering that is a total rush. The first fast corner I went around was kind of spooky as my upper body quickly leaned inward toward the pavement, but “spooky” soon turned into thrilling as I realized how stable the Corsa is. I have always had a fear about going fast downhill on my DF bike, when I would brake to ease the speed a bit my weight would shift forward feeling very unstable and sometimes “wobble” would start. Not with the Corsa, I now fly downhills…50mph…no problem…braking…no noticeable weight shift. So stable…so fun, what a difference. The high racer Corsa isn’t for everyone. Slow speed control and balance take some time. I would say you have to be at least a good cyclist to consider this bike. As for my wife I bought her a Giro (the bike I would recommend for most people). It is still fast but it is easier to learn on and she loves it. As far as Bacchetta they are the best company I have ever worked with on any purchase. They don’t want to sell you a bike you won’t be happy with, they would rather not make the sell, this is unusual today. They go beyond standing behind there bikes. The person I worked with was Mike, and I now consider him as a friend. Bacchetta is my bike company now, I will never buy from another source.

  15. Bob Price


    Great Bike, Great Company

    Houston, Texas

    What I Like: Comfort, speed, quality

    What I Dislike: Learning to ride it

    How I Ride: 80 miles a week on a loop

    After 400 miles I’m getting the hang of starting, stopping, and handling my Corsa. The quality of parts and assembly is great. Very comfortable and fast, I’m not banged up after 50 miles as I would be on a DF bike. The folks at Bacchetta are wonderful–they stayed with me in problems I had with my kickstand and even mailed me a replacement steering grip and end plug I had lost at no charge.

  16. Richard Orobitg


    I can ride pain free once again!!!

    Fort Worth / Texas

    What I Like: Frame build quality, component selection, fit / adjustability

    What I Dislike: Weight, lack of headrest

    How I Ride: 4X week Aerobic fitness oriented.

    A long time cyclist who after back surgery found myself unable to enjoy upright riding due to pain. Research led me to recumbents as a potential to continue enjoying cycling. I test rode the Corsa 700C and after some initial floundering with seat position found the bike to be really comfortable and intuitive ride. the riding position is comfortable and i have found it easy to hit my upright 90rev 18mph cadence speed. I found this pretty amazing given my lack of seat time and realization I was not pushing my heart rate. The potential for solo high “DF pace line like” speed is Definitively achievable. I am looking forward to many more miles on this frame. The build quality and stiffness of frame makes for efficient power transfer. the mix of mountain and road drivetrain components is surprisingly effective. Stock velo wheels and kenda tires are efficient. Road handling reminded me of my racing 125cc karts. Quick and precise. Just wish these could be built to ~sub 20lbs. Maybe the carbon model Aero. Well done Bacchetta!

  17. John Seyler


    700c Corsa Pure Fun

    Bothell, Washington

    What I Like: Light, fast, climbs great

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: pleasure rides of 20-200 miles

    I started riding in February this year. I am 59, 6 feet tall and 153 lbs. I started on a steel giro 26 and then purchased the Corsa 700c and it was a perfect match for me. I started out riding about 12 mph and could not do hills. When July rolled around I rode my first really long ride, the Seattle to Portland annual bike ride. During the ride I completed the first 100 miles in 5 hours and 33 minutes. It was my first century. The next 103 miles took about 7 hours. I would never had thought this was possible until I started to ride my Corsa. I was able to climb the many hills, flew down hill and kept up on the flats. My Corsa has the following upgrades: Full Carbon forks Carbon Fiber crank set TT500 bar end shifters 10 speed cassette Velocity A23 rims Continental 4000 GP II tires If you want a fast nimble recumbent the Corsa 700c would fit the bill.

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