Giro A20
Recumbent Bike

MSRP: $3000

The number one selling recumbent bike in history.  The Bacchetta Giro has set the standard in short-wheelbase recumbents since it came out in 2001.  Based on the original classic design, the aluminum version of this bike is designed for the person who wants the perfect all-around ride and a no-compromise spec. With its time tested design, thousands of riders have found this bike is perfect for both commuting and touring.  With the aluminum frame and Adroit Dropout system, it is now lighter and more versatile at a price that can’t be beaten.

ModelGiro A20
Designed ByMark Colliton
FrameBacchetta Custom Ovalized Aluminum w/Disc Brake Tab
ForkBacchetta Aluminum, w/Disc Brake Tab, 1-1/8"
SeatBacchetta B3
HandlebarBacchetta Aluminum
Rear DerailSRAM GX 11 Spd
Front DerailSRAM Rival 22 YAW, 11 Spd.
ShiftersSRAM GX GripShift 2x11
CranksetFSA Gossamer Pro AGX+ 30/46t
Bottom BracketFSA
HeadsetFSA Orbit-X, 1-1/8"
CassetteSRAM 11-36 11 Speed
Front BrakeTRP Spyre Mechanical Disc
Rear BrakeTRP Spyre Mechanical Disc
Brake LeversAvid Speed Dial 7
Front WheelAlex DA16, 20" (406)
Rear WheelAlex DA16, 26" (559)
Front TireKenda Kwest, 20" (406x32c)
Rear TireKenda Kwest, 26" (559x32c)
ChainKMC 11 Speed
PedalsWellgo LU 897 Platform
BB Height26"
Seat Height23.5"
WheelbaseSmall: 47", Large: 49"
Weight28 lbs w/ EuroMesh and w/out Pedals
Weight Limit250 lbs.*
Gear Range18.7-106.8"
ColorCompetition Yellow
Frame SizeSmall: 11.5" Boom, Large: 14" boom
X SeamSmall: 33"-45", Large: 42"-52"
Forks: Bacchetta Cro-moly disc ($60)
Seats: Bacchetta ReCurve N/C
Bacchetta Carbon $150
Brakes: Bacchetta long reach V-brakes ($100)
Fenders: Giro 20 Fender Set $50
Top Tube Bag $35
Brain Box $65
Cage: Stainless Steel bottle cage $10
Racks: Universal Rear Rack $70
Mirrors: Zeal Spy Mirror $20
Mirrycle Mirror $18
Lights: One Armed Bandit $32
Kickstand: Kickstand mount w/Greenfield kickstand $40
Tires: KENDA Kwest 1.5″ (37c) $25
Tubes: All Bacchetta stock wheel sizes (Presta valve) $9

16 reviews for Giro A20

  1. Norman Pollack


    Unbelievable Company and Product

    Boynton Beach

    What I Like: Everything

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: Weekend rider 2039 miles each day.

    I was a road biker rider and did not like the way I felt after riding 20 miles. I did some research on recumbent bikes and received the most accurate information from a Mike. I decided to listen to his advice and suggestions and ordered a Gyro A20. He manufactured it and I received it in just 4 days. Jeremy was an all-star in helping me place the order and guide me through the entire process. I received the bike today and immediately began riding. This is the answer to my riding issues. I am very thankful and great full to everyone at Bacchetta.

  2. Robert Glenn

    Long Distance Touring Comfort


    What I Like: The comfort for long days in the "saddle"

    What I Dislike: None

    How I Ride: Long distance touring

    A couple of years ago I did a two month solo loaded tour. Every day I had shoulder pain and seat pain. I wound up sitting in Vaseline so I could finish the tour. I just came off a portion of the Trans America route after 7 weeks. I did not have any pain despite many long days. I cannot describe how this affects ones perspective on a long distance tour.

  3. Harold Santy


    Giro A20

    Lincoln, Delaware

    What I Like: Arrived in perfect condition. This bike is solid, comfortable and beautiful!! Great handling at any speed! FUN to ride!!!!!

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: Road: 1500-2000 miles per year

    This is a GREAT BICYCLE!

  4. Richard Tiegs


    Flying low to the ground with a BIG SMILE!

    Gig Harbor, WA

    What I Like: Great ride, closest thing to flying

    What I Dislike: Pedals; they are not the metal 'rat trap' kind the early Giro had which help keep your feet on them. Current ones are smooth with NO GRIP!

    How I Ride: Recreational, as often as possible

    Had an earlier Strada which was too high for my feet, then the green Giro. Loved it but sold due to lack of use. Now have this and love getting out flying along, I stayed with the 20″ front wheel to keep as straigh a line to the BB from the seat as possible for my comfort. Getting back in shape after a 6 year hiatus and temporary foray with a diamond frame that with my neck and back issues was not good. Riding the Giro ATT causes no strain on my back or neck which have both had surgeries. I have no issue with my size 13 gunboats hitting the front wheel in turns but that may be due to the larger frame and my familiarity with the bike previously. I found the stock pedals a BID Disappointment as they are flat surface with NO GRIP on your shoes. Replaced them immediately with metal ‘rat trap’ pedals the next day after having my feet slipping off too often. I do not use clip pedals nor want to. Why Bacchetta whent away from that style pedal I don’t know. I went with the recurve mesh seat rather than the euro-mesh seat for my comfort due to the above mentioned neck/back issues; it just fit better for me. The disc brakes are a real plus here in the Pacific NW as I will not let a little dampness stop me from riding. There are maybe 2 brands of recumbents available that can handle my 48 inch x-seam and this is the better choice all the way around. I appreciate the open cockpit and have no issues with the tilting handlebar set-up. I find myself actually pulling back on the bars while riding especially climbing hills while pressing back into the seat for power. The front to back weight balance does not create an issue for me… there is still room to adjust the seat for a taller/longer legged person yet. I have and will continue to recommend these recumbents to anyone looking to buy and ride recumbents.

  5. Jerry Harper

    Great Bike

    Douglasville, Georgia

    What I Like: Relaxed position, easy to ride, eye catcher

    What I Dislike: Might not believe it...but nothing

    How I Ride: have 1500 mile so far...Silver Comet Trail Georgia

    Best ride.
    Best long distance ride
    Would give it a 5 out of 5
    If your new riding, the Giro is easy to ride and enjoy.

  6. Don Rose


    The do it all bike

    Macomb Township, Michigan

    What I Like: comfort, handling, stability

    What I Dislike: grip shift, switched to bar end on Paul Thumbies

    How I Ride: Recreational, single day rides

    It is said the best bike is the bike that chooses you rather than you choosing the bike. Well, the Giro 20 chose me and I have been extremely happy ever since! After trying a number of short and long wheelbase recumbents I felt like I was just going to have to pick one and hope for the best. Then I had an opportunity to ride a Giro 20 at a recumbent rally. Right away I knew this was the one! Everything just clicked, and I loved the “Superman” style handlebars. I can’t imagine a better all around bike that lets me do whatever I want and do it well. A ride around the neighborhood or a multi-day tour. I can do it all with my Giro 20.

  7. William Welsh


    The Do-It-All-Giro Rules!

    Cannington, Ontario, Canada

    What I Like: Components, Quality, Comfort

    What I Dislike: Weight, lower speed than a Corsa

    How I Ride: Recreational with touring trips

    I bought my Giro 20tt in 2008. I’ve done long rides over 100 miles, climbed lots of hills and toured and bombed around town with it. I have a 24 inch front wheel for some added heel strike, but a bit more speed with smaller tires. The stock wheels are great for every other ride. I toured with it in the Finger Lakes region – lots of hills and pulling a trailer. The Giro performed beautifully. I loved the security of the disk brakes on the big descents! The Giro’s comfort is great on long rides! The riding positon is perfect for touring views. The twist shift is good for me. I like it’s compactness. My only other alterations to the bike were ergo hand grips and speedo as well as the aforementioned front wheel option. Baccetta is a great bike. Enjoy!

  8. Terry N


    Love this bike


    What I Like: comfort, agility, light weight

    What I Dislike: Adjustable handlebars can be moved too far forward which may result in them locking up if the front wheel is turned at an acute angle accidentally

    How I Ride: Paved and limestone trails mainly

    This is by far the most comfortable bike I have had. No more pain in the rear or wrists or back due to the unique positioning on the recumbent bike. The giro 20 att is very lightweight and nimble when riding. I love its smaller wheelbase compared to the longer wheelbase recumbents. The bike is extremely well constructed. I have the Recurve seat on mine and love it. This bike has made me want to ride more often than before due to its comfort.

  9. Denny Christ


    Well thought out design

    Harrisburg, PA

    What I Like: Solid frame, great chainline

    What I Dislike: limited rear rack options

    How I Ride: Road

    One of the best designs I have ridden. No frame flexing on rough roads. All cable braze ons are well placed which allows for smooth cable action. The chain line is clean with no scrub or chain flop…Handles rock solid down hill yet is quite nimble at slower speeds…

  10. Terry Fulnecky


    Great Bike

    Goshen, IN.

    What I Like: Almost Everything

    What I Dislike: Ride Learning Curve

    How I Ride: On the Bike, Mostly :Q)

    Absolutely love the bike but it took several months to really know and be comfortable on it. Some of that is age but the 20″ high pressure front wheel makes for some big surprises if you get it of the edge of the walk or road and try to come back quick It will dump you until you understand that.

  11. Gary Frey


    Good bike

    Palmyra, MO

    What I Like: recumbent position

    What I Dislike: shocks from rough roads

    How I Ride: Moderate 4 miles a day

    Due to blood flow problems I had to switch bikes. It was difficult to get rid of my super le tour 12.2 that I had for 30 years and 50,000 plus miles. This bike is different and difficult to get used to. At first, I was dangerous due to unexpected steering surprises. Now I am more smooth. I still do not believe the efficiency hype about recumbents but they do go fast downhill and are much more comfortable EXCEPT when the killer pot holes come up. You can’t stand up and cushion with your legs! Overall a good bike, well made, sturdy, and comfortable. Not as visible though, already had some close calls so I am dressing in safety yellow now.

  12. Marci Taylor-Morton


    New 26/20 Giro ATT

    Redding CA

    What I Like: Love the ergonomics

    What I Dislike: Hmmmmm

    How I Ride: 20 to 40 mile river trail rides

    I received my new Giro ATT 26/20 a couple of days ago and I love the bike. I have owned/ridden over 15 different recumbents and this one by far is the best short wheelbase recumbent that I have owned/ridden. Bacchetta really has the ergonomics dialed in and I love the tweener bars!!! Since I have no dealer near me, they shipped the bike, completely assembled directly to me. I just cut the ties off and rode away. Beautiful bike. Thank you Bacchetta

  13. Dave Fleck


    Giro 20

    New York

    What I Like: comfort and speed

    What I Dislike: nothing

    How I Ride: my daily rides are 40 -50 miles 5-days wk

    Last few years I have owned 24 recumbents, this bike handles very well, lite weight,holds good line and with fairing,is sweet ride

  14. Frank Keoppel


    GIRO 20 ATT

    Ogden UT

    What I Like: FUN !!!

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: 150 miles+ Fast training a week

    If I could use one word to describe this bike it would be FUN!!!…two words FUN & FAST. I have a“race spec” Corsa 700, that I love, but I knew my wife would never be happy with or fill comfortable and confident riding one, so I got her the Giro 20, which ended up being the perfect bike for her and she loves it. Here is the surprise…so do I! First the fun part. When I was a kid my dad got me and my little brother new bikes. I got a “10 speed” as I wanted fast, my brother got a Schwinn Stingray that had twenty inch wheels. Yes my bike was faster much faster but one day I hopped on his bike and it was FUN!!!. That’s kind of how it was when I hopped on my wife’s Giro it was FUN!!!, funner than my bike. In what way? First it has a twenty inch front wheel and IHO that’s what gives the bike it’s magical almost toy-like personality. You would have to ride one to know what I mean but I will try to pick some words to describe it…easy, casual , relaxed, not serious, just plane fun. Compared to my Corsa it is more maneuverable, can make tighter turns, has better slow speed stability while still being stable at high speeds. Your sitting a little more upright while riding and your legs and feet are lower which makes starting and stopping so easy. Now for the FAST!!! part. This too was a surprise to me as I did not expect the bike to be as fast as it is. For comparison, it’s not quite as fast as my Corsa but it’s close, much closer than I expected. On the flats it is as fast as my 10 grand DF road racing bike. Even though it has smaller wheels it is more areo dynamic than the DF bike. One of my best tests for speed comparison is when she is leading and setting the pace and we come to a down hill where we both start coasting at the same time. The first time we did this I expected to zoom past her, not the case. At about a hundred yards I gain maybe a foot, and it takes at least two-hundred yards get a bike length on her. We did do an upgrade of the wheels and tires on her bike, from Bacchetta to make it faster. It seems that the dual 700 high racers are the bikes of choice now and if all out speed it you main priority than go ahead and choose the Corsa, CA2, etc but I think many of the people that are thinking of getting a dual 700 bike would choose the Giro 20 if they rode one first, as it is defiantly funner, in fact I hope it stays popular enough so they keep making it because some day I want get one for myself. As for my buying experence with Bacchetta and some thoughts on recumbents see my review on Corsa. Frank Keoppel Ogden Utah

  15. Hudi


    Very nice commute/touring bike

    Santa Clara

    What I Like: relaxed position, good visibility

    What I Dislike: comfort over bumps

    How I Ride: 5x2m to work + medium weekend rides

    I bought this earlier this year from a local dealer who recommended this bike vs the Giro26/Corsa and outfitted it perfectly for me. I ride it to work which is 5miles away from my house. The reason behind getting this bike is the lower BB height which makes start/stop easier and give a better road visibility. The bike is very easy to ride and stable across all speed, although I’m still not very confident turning at low speed. The bike is pretty fast and since it’s not heavy, it’s fairly easy to accelerate. The brake works well and feels pretty secure. I’ve locked my rear wheel a few times during hard braking and the rear tire skids a bit, but the bike behaves well without any surprises. The reason for a 4 star is 2 fold. The front wheel being 20″ makes the ride pretty harsh over bumps, I lowered the pressure quite a bit to soften it up. Also because I’m tall, the seat is moved far back so most of my weight is on the back wheel. One day when I pumped up the front tire to the regular pressure, during a tight turn, the front tire lost traction and I tumbled on the road and got some pretty bad road rash and couldn’t ride for 2 months. Overall it’s a nice bike, and now I’m looking to get a Corsa to get to higher speeds.

  16. Bruce


    Wonderful Bike

    Oxnard, CA

    What I Like: Comfort

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: 100 miles a week on the street

    I have had several bikes but could find none that did not hurt after 20-30 miles. Now I have. I can go 100 miles and the only thing that hurts now are my leg muscles! The bike is quick, maneuverable, and fun. I will never go back to a daimond frame. I love my bike!

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