Correcting Rider Set Up or Requiem for MC’s Melancholy

What’s with the title you say ?  Well nothing gets Mark Colliton, here at Bacchetta, under his desk and in the fetal position quicker than someone incorrectly set up on one of our bikes.  What I’m here to do is point you to a page on our website that rarely gets mentioned, even though I would argue, that it’s one of the most important articles on our site: Correct Rider Set Up on a Bacchetta Recumbent Whether you’re new to our bikes or have just went too far in one direction during the past few years and don’t know how to get back to square one, this is an excellent page to read through.  Please notice, that I said READ through it; don’t just look at the pictures, because they do not tell the story! If you’ve read through it and are still having problems or something still does not feel right, send a couple of pictures to  Make sure that they are still, side views, with you in riding position.  In one picture, have the leg closest to the camera, extended to its furthest point on the pedal.  In the other, have the same pedal with your foot on it, at it’s highest point.  Also, be sure and tell us your x-seam, height and the size of your bike frame.  We’ll take a look at the information and get you feeling like a champ in no time. And over time maybe, just maybe, we’ll cure that ol’ melancholy of MC’s.