Crosscountry ride!

Mark Swanson sent this over earlier today and asked me to post it. So here it is! Dave, my neighbor, is riding his Bacchetta Giro-26 from Florida to California. He left on Wednesday (3/9) with his wife, Bonnie, driving a support van. Dave is 61 and he has overcome two knee transplant(s) and other “wear-and-tear”. He’s been training on his bike for the past year. Bonnie also rides a Bacchetta. An interesting note… a few years ago, Dave’s bike was stolen from outside his office (he rides to/from work). Several months later, the guy who stole the bike was trying to sell it to a pawn shop where he learned that the bike belonged to a Christian minister (Dave had been around to all the pawn shops to ask them to watch for the orange recumbent). When the thief found out he had stolen the bike from a minister, he freaked out, contacted Dave and returned the bike! Here’s Dave’s facebook page if you want to follow along.