Frequently Asked Questions; Bikes and Trikes

Absolutely not! Unlike many SWB recumbents, we not only designed our bikes to be fast and comfortable but more importantly, we designed them to be rider-friendly. We give test rides to people who have never been on a recumbent and most have been amazed at how easy they are to ride.

With the exception of entry-level recumbents, most are faster than a normal road bike. How much faster depends on the design and rather on not they have an aerodynamic fairing.

An aluminum frame mid-racer recumbent is 20% faster than a normal road bike and a high-racer about 25% faster.   The mid-racer has a 20-inch front wheel and a 700c rear wheel. The riding position is fully reclined with headrest. This gives the rider a big aerodynamic advantage. It allows the rider to relax the upper body and concentrate on an efficient pedal stroke. For more information, check out our performance page here:

Ah, a major debate in recumbent bike circles. Is it the bike or is it the person. Over time, we’ve found it’s much more of a personal issue than the bike. We all know upright road cyclists with the same ailment after all.

First, Bacchetta is one of the leaders developing innovative recumbent bikes.  Before Bacchetta, most recumbents were viewed as slow.  When we launched our high-racer in 2001, we were the first to mass-produced High Racer Recumbent. ; We are the company that made this design accessible and innovative. We created the first titanium recumbent bike, the T-Aero; the first Carbon-Fiber recumbent bike, the CarbonAero, and lately, the first mass-produced carbon fiber trike.  Second, we have a great community of riders who participate in cycling clubs and events all around the world. Third, we are known for our great customer service!  Just give us a call.  We can’t wait to talk to you!

Wrong! Our Frame Design Page explains our unique tube set. As much as our competition likes to mention it, you would think that this was true, but again, it’s not! On our steel frame bikes, we use a custom drawn tube set with a teardrop-shaped main tube engineered specifically to control flex and create the exact ride characteristics we were looking for.

BACCHETTA means “STICK” in Italian and the word is most commonly used at the racetrack to describe jockeys riding crop or whip. It seemed an appropriate name considering the bikes’ “stick” design and our love for Italian bikes.

BACCHETTA. How do you say it? In the Italian language, BACCHETTA is usually pronounced with a hard “K” sound so they would say BA-KET-TA. Early on a friend of mine with an Italian girlfriend pointed out that we were saying the word incorrectly by giving the CCH letter combination a soft “SH” sound. BA-SHET-TA. Well, even though we had only been saying it this way for a few months the cat was already out of the bag and there was no getting it back in. We continue to use our Americanized pronunciation word but either way works for us… if you are Italian please feel free to use the hard K!

Carbon fiber is by nature both a flexible and very strong material.  Our Carbon Fiber designers leveraged the different varieties of carbon fiber to lay up the rear dropout (rear wheel) and front crucible (front wheels) to create built-in shock absorption into the frame.   When you roll over bumps or off a curb, the natural give of the carbon fiber design provides excellent shock absorption and as a result, you get the best of both worlds:  A Trike that rides fast and smooth as well as being the lightest trike on the market!

Setup is very important on any bike but especially on a recumbent.   You can find information on proper setup HERE.

You can find out the listing of events we attend by visiting our Events Page regularly. We love interacting with customers.  We just don’t design a bike to put on the market, tell people it’s the greatest thing since they put pockets in pants and then set back and watch bikes go out the door. It’s not just a business with Bacchetta; it’s about developing the cycling community and supporting our customers.

To a certain degree, yes. Bacchetta’s goal has always been to design a high-performance bike that rides great and has classic, clean lines. It’s amazing that now, people will show up at club rides on a Bacchetta and you can actually hear people say “you know, I always thought recumbents were silly, but I could see myself on one of these”. Perception goes a long way!

Fairings and tail boxes can add measurable efficiency improvements to our bikes in some cases. Front fairings also make the bikes warmer in cold weather. There is an active group of aftermarket suppliers for fairings and we encourage you to contact us if you are interested. But, there is nothing better than being able to hop on your bike without all of these items and know that you can still go fast.

Absolutely! We are located near the heart of beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.  St. Pete is the best biking city in Florida with a great trail system.   Also we are only about 8 miles from the best beaches in America where there are also great paved trails right along the beach. Stop in and visit and maybe sneak in a morning or evening ride.

Reality. We’re a small company with a few dedicated people who’ve been doing this for a long time. In our small market, word of mouth is everything. Our customers and ultimately, our families, deserve the best we can give. So if you’ve got a question about Bacchetta recumbent bikes, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.