Measuring the Bacchetta Aero Bar for Length

There’s been a ton of discussions/confusion over this one.  This *should* help to clear things up a bit.  I’ll keep this short and sweet. Measuring technique: I placed the bar down flat on a uhm…flat surface.  This is virtually the same as it is installed on your bike.  I am measuring from the edge of the bar, just to the side of where it attaches to the riser and measuring to the bar end, which is the edge of the bench.  You should be able to get a similar measurement by putting a straight edge at the end of your bars.  Just take into account your bars will have tape and grips or bar end shifters. First, here is the Standard Aero bar, or what served as the standard Aero bar for the past 5+ years.  This is being usurped by a longer version but more on that later. 
The Old "Standard" Aero bar, now the new "Short" Aero bar
It’s a little hard to see, but the length is right at 280 mm or 11″.  Now below we have the New long bar which is what we began stocking on all C/A 2.0 bikes for 2010 this year and will phase into the Corsa for 2011.
The New Long Aero bar introduced in 2010
The measurement you’re seeing here is 300mm or just over 11 5/8″. What I didn’t include here is the Old long Aero bar, which were approx. 330mm or 13″.  I didn’t measure them because we have been out of stock for quite some time. Keep in mind these measurements are for the Aero bars only, which measure 18 3/4″ center to center at the bar ends.  If you have the wide bars which are around 22 1/2″, then this post does not apply: we only make one width of the wide bars.  Thank God.