Mother’s Day Ride

Monday morning when I walked into the office the phone was ringing, I missed the call but a few minutes later it rang again, Scott from Belmont Wheelworks,, was calling. I thought he just needs to b.s. Mike for a minute, then Mike was saying Scott was wanting to talk to me.

Scott went on to tell me about a lady, Trish Krater, CEO and cofounder of Dancing Deer Baking Co.,, He said Trish was doing a fifteen day 1500 mile ride Mother’s Day ride to raise awareness and supporting organizations that are working with the homeless. A focus of Trish is the homeless with families.

Why Scott was calling me? He said that Trish could use a pep talk and was having a rough day and things were getting tougher. I guess you thought maybe another bike crazy ultra type rider might be able to pep her up on her ride. I said sure I would do but what is she riding? Oh just a Trek Madone or something, I thought must be one tough lady to be putting herself though this.

Scott give me her web site,, I took a peek. Trish has a GPS tracker on her bike and gave me a idea where she was riding and how fast, I took a look at the weather for where she was and hmmm, it was a warm day but looked like she might be getting some tailwinds. I thought I’ll try and give her a call.

Trish answered and I told her who I was and that Scott Chamberlein for Wheelworks asked me to give her a call. She respond that Scott had told her I would be calling and she would love to talk but was running low on the cell phone battery and her RV support was lost. She asked me to text my number to her and she would give me a call back later.  

Tuesday I gave her a buzz, was able to visit with her about her ride and if she was getting anybody to ride with.  She had hope more people would join in along her route and share the experience with a little more then so far but understands riding along during the middle of a work week may put the damper on that happening. Otherwise she seems to be doing pretty good and has a great attitude about your journey.

Take a look at her web site and route; if she is coming close maybe some of Bacchetta family could spin a few miles with her.