Rider Feedback: Dick Patterson

The new Giro 20 tt is amazing! It is light, fast, agile and comfortable. If I use an auto analogy, it is like a sports car. My old Porsche had the same qualities. My first Bacchetta was an Agio and the bike was great, but I wanted something more aggressive. I’m short and a high racer was not for me. The giro tt fits perfectly. My interest is really a bike that is great for distance riding, but it also had to be fast. The tt is a perfect mix of the characteristics I wanted. I picked up my tt Friday just in time for Memorial day weekend. My dealer, Bicycle Outfitters of Seminole FL, worked hard and stayed after closing to get it ready for me. So far I’ve only had this beautiful machine a couple of days and social obligations have interfered the amount of time on the bike. I have logged maybe about 15 miles and I am very happy with the purchase. The speed and handling are both wonderful. This bike is much more comfortable than expected; my bet is I could ride all day and enjoy every minute. I think Bacchetta’s success is about great design and service. Add this to carefully choosing retailers and everybody wins, including me. Please excuse me, I’m going riding now!