The Bacchetta Boys

Our Team

Working together toward a common vision

BACCHETTA’s success is truly a team effort. Our employees recognize that teamwork allows each individual to achieve more, and it is this concept that assures a commitment to excellence and a dedication to quality.  Check out our team:  

Mike Wilkerson

 Chief Customer Officer

Mike is the epitome of our mission to help customers extend their capabilities.  Mike maintains an active lifestyle enjoying cycling, weightlifting, and other sports – he is the most in-shape and healthy guy we know. Mike has been in the recumbent bicycle industry for more than 20 years, starting out as an assembler at Rans Bicycles, where he moved his way up to sales manager. He joined Bacchetta, just after its founding, as sales manager eventually earning his way to partner in the company.  He is now primarily responsible for all revenue-generating activities, including customer and dealer outreach. As an added benefit, Mike is very technical and knows how to turn a wrench! He can answer any question about any bike we have ever made. 

Jeremy Massey

Chief Production Officer

Jeremy manages all production-related activities for Bacchetta and is a walking encyclopedia of recumbent bike parts.  He is a partner in Bacchetta with over 15 years of experience working in all areas of the company. Besides being able to tell you what parts go on every bike we have ever made, he can tell you the exact shelves and bins where they’re stored.  Jeremy has his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of South Florida, so he pulls double duty in managing the bookkeeping functions. If you want to know the status of your bike or trike, or what’s in the pipeline, he’s the guy to call.

Lars Viebke

Chief Engineer

Lars is our materials and trike expert at Bacchetta.  He has built and explored composite construction since the age of 12. He built his first recumbent cycle as a teenager and has since built several recumbent bikes and trikes for touring and racing.  Along with biking daily to and from work. He is an avid recumbent touring dude and has explored much of Europe.  Lars studied at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated from there with a Master of Science specializing in composites, lightweight construction. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Product Development and finally a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics.

Artur Adson

Chief Designer

Artur leads up our new product design efforts for both Trikes and Bikes.   Graduating from the prestigious Umea Institute of Design in Sweden he specialized in vehicle design and composite products. His background is in Auto racing design and he now works on designing sustainable transportation in the cycling world.  His experience in leading the development of electric formula-type cars as well as extremely light carbon fiber motorcycles. He is ideal for our addition of electric bikes and trikes to our portfolio.   As our cycles feel more like a formula-one car than a cycle, Artur feels at home.  Artor is also responsible for 3D-CAD and CNC as well as working with production.

Mark Swanson

Chief Pilot & Evangelist

Mark along with Mark Colliton and John Schlitter co-found the business in 2001. At that time he was 30 lbs overweight but over the years he lost the weight, recovered from a serious heart condition, and now cycles 4 to 5 times a week on a group rides and the amazing trails here in Florida. He is living proof that a recumbent bike can be a life-changer.  He often rides to work and enjoys staying in shape. Mark is responsible for leading Bacchetta’s strategy and making sure the company grows while not running out of money! A successful technology entrepreneur, he’s the forward-looking guy in the company. Away from the company for several years, he stepped back into leading Bacchetta in October 2017 with a focus on expanding Bacchetta’s product line and market.