Good News.  The National Senior Games will now allow both recumbent bikes and trikes.

Bacchetta is excited to announce that the next National Senior Games will be held in November 20201 in Fort Lauderdale Florida and will allow recumbents to participate in the 5K and 10K time trials.(   This expands the market for those seniors that want to use a recumbent for exercise as well as have an opportunity to compete against other riders.  

Bacchetta is committed to fully supporting our riders in this event.  As such we are offering the follwing offer:  Buy a Bacchetta Bike or trike & participate in the National Senior Games and get 20% rebate!*    Just send us a picture of you and your bike while participating and we will send a check back to you for 20% of the purchase price!

We believe that most states will follow the national leads and we encourage you to participate in those as well.   For

 more information about the State By State Senior Games:

  • subject to product availability (note, supply chains are still constrained!  As of Oct 1st we recived a bunch of trikes in though!

Recumbent Bike Division

5K, 10K Time Trials

Must be age 50 or older by December 31, 2020 

Download and print out your rebate form here: Bacchetta Rebate Form-1:

For more information about the Bacchetta Senior Games offer please email us at or call 1-866-364-9677

For more information about the State By State Senior Games: