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Bacchetta and Bent Up Cycles Independence Day/Anniversary Sale

Independence is one of those words that means a lot to us here. The most obvious for those of our customers living in the US is the reference to the upcoming 4th of July holiday. For recumbent riders, independence means being able to get out and explore, race or commute on a bicycle that suits their individual needs as cyclists.

For me, independence evokes first learning to ride a bicycle and being able to explore the world on my own as a child.

Finally, 20 year ago on July 1, Bent Up Cycles was opened in Van Nuys, freeing me to be an independent business person!

To celebrate all of these different aspects of independence, we are having a Bent Up Cycles/Bacchetta sale!

The independence of cycling

So here’s the way the Indpendence Day Bent Up Cycles/Bacchetta Sale is going to work. You all know I hate discount codes - so, you don’t need one! Rather, from July 1 to July 14, 2024, you get a discount based on how much you spend at or

  • Spend $100 - Get $10 off
  • Spend $250 - Get $25 off
  • Spend $500 - Get $50 off
  • Spend $1500 - Get $150 off
  • Spend $3000 - Get $300 off
  • Spend $5000 - Get $500 off
  • Spend $7500 - Get $750 off!

The discount will automatically be applied to your cart,

So don’t wait! This sale applies to everything on our websites and ends on July 14th! Enjoy your independence and an amazing holiday!

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