Frame Kits


A frame is the heart and soul of any bike. But why a frame kit and not a complete bike? Well, maybe you’re knee deep in bike parts and need a new frame to hang them on. Or maybe you’ve been saving for your dream bike but the spec on our Bacchetta complete bikes don’t quite mesh with your vision. In either case a Bacchetta frame kit gives you the ultimate foundation to build from.

Bacchetta recumbent frame kits include the following:

  • Frame (painted and decaled- available in stock colors only, no custom paint jobs or bare frames)
  • Riser and riser clamp
  • Handlebar
  • Seat clamp
  • Seat stays and strut clamps
  • Idler assembly

Not Included: Fork, seat, headset, B-Pivot or BFT (headset adjuster), drive train, wheels or braking components.

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