About Bacchetta

Our Mission

Bacchetta’s mission since 2002 has been to improve the quality of people’s lives through cycling by extending their ability to perform, in whatever context they are riding.

What We’ve Accomplished

Bacchetta Bicycles, Inc. opened its doors in February 2002. In a few short years, the company achieved renowned respect in the bicycle industry for producing an exceptional line of recumbent bicycles.  Our bikes helped redefine the recumbent category by introducing bikes that not only looked great but performed at levels that surpassed the very best diamond frame racing bikes. Bob Bryant captured our impact well in Recumbent Cyclist News in 2004:  “Besides building great bikes, Bacchetta has revitalized SWB design, changed the way we look at performance recumbents and developed a new roadie recumbent market in the process."

Soon, our story became your story.  Bacchetta riders started participating in bike races, rallies, and tours around the world riding further and faster than they ever thought possible – all while enjoying the pain-free experience.   Along with that came records at races like Sebring and Race Across America, rides across states or multiple states, and inspiring stories of conquests such as completing bikes tours around the world. 

Over the years, we have worked hard bringing new innovative cycling products to market that help you extend your abilities no matter what age.  We were the first to market dual 700c wheels on recumbents, created the first carbon fiber racing recumbent bike (The Carbonaero), introduced a host of modular improvements like the B-Pivot and interchangeable dropouts and designed and working with our Swedish designers, produced the first carbon fiber trike in America (the CT2.0).  Most recently, we have introduced our new power-assist eBikes, aligning with our mission to help you extend your extraordinary accomplishments… and help you look good doing it with extraordinary design.

Where We’re Going

In 2021, Bent Up Cycles acquired Bacchetta and we have bright expectations for our future. We continually strive to maintain Bacchetta’s position as recumbent trailblazers.  Our #1 goal is to create new, innovative cycling products and striking designs each and every year. While we are making new things, you can always count on us to improve on our well-known line of performance recumbents, so our customers can continue to expect high-quality bikes and trikes in the future. 

Our second goal is dedicated to growing the recumbent market as a whole.  Recumbent riders of any brand understand the pure joy of pain-free cycling.  Now that we’ve made our niche in the recumbent world, we need to engage ourselves in the larger community and inspire others to commit to their better selves.  We all know that regular exercise, specifically cycling, not only helps you live longer — it helps you live better.  It makes your heart and muscles stronger, fends off a host of diseases, improves your mental and emotional functioning and even bolsters productivity and relationships.  Our goal is to create an inclusive community of people who understand that because you are more comfortable on a recumbent, you will ride further, faster and be happier doing it…. and because of that, you will get all those benefits of exercise.