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Recumbent Bicycle Resources

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Training Gear:

Touring Resources:

  • Bike Router   This is one of the best tools for planning your epic recumbent bike trip.
  • Peter White Cycles
    A US shop that specializes in touring set-ups and may be a good place to start if you’re looking for cranks with short crank arms.
  • East Coast Greenway – The Appalachian Trail for Bikers… go from Florida to Maine on Bike Path’s and lanes.
  • Shipping your Bike   Check out Bike Flights for a good deal on shipping your bike to where you want to go!

Training Tips For Racing and Touring

We also have a few recommendations for some great web sites that cover training for racing and long-distance touring. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Peak Performance
    Their “Library” of information is cataloged on the left-hand side of their home page. They have an entire section devoted to cycling. This web site may deliver the most comprehensive information regarding general training and nutrition for cycling and all other sports. They have the most up-to-date research and data from the top exercise physiologists translated very well for athletes and coaches. You could spend months digesting their huge database of sports and nutrition information!
  • Hammergel “Endurance News”
    This site contains great research from a commercial source about maintaining and replacing the body’s energy in extremely stressful endurance events! Check out their library of “Endurance News”. Hammer Nutrition products are considered the best in the cycling industry. They have experts on hand to answer your questions and the best products to help you through your intense cycling.