Bacchetta keeps Larry K. feeling young!

Bacchetta keeps Larry K. feeling young!

I’m 74 years old and have been riding Bacchetta’s for 25 years. Started with a Giro 20, went to a Strada and finally bought the Ti Aero when they first came out are 2000. I was the first to put the recurve seat on one because that’s the only seat my body likes. Every year I do a ride in miles equal to my birthday. I live on Cape Cod and did a beautiful 74 mile ride out to the National Seashore.

If it wasn’t for Bacchetta, I wouldn’t be able to do these rides. I’m a recumbent rider for life. Here’s a few pictures from my Cape Cod rides. 

Dana Lieberman|

Dana has been riding recumbents for 25 years. Whether bicycle touring, racing, commuting or just riding with the family, he has ridden almost everything out there and has no problem telling you what he thinks! Owner of Bent Up Cycles and Bacchetta Bikes, Dana is passionate about turning new riders on to the joy of recumbent cycling. He also enjoys reading SciFi, hiking in the SoCal mountains and sipping a Chai Latte at the local coffee shop!
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Hi Dana,
I’ve been having a love-hate relation with my Giro 20 many years. The love part is the comfort, safety, views, etc.of a recumbent. The hate part starts whenever i have to temove and then reinstall the rear wheel. The kickstand bolt gets in the way, the axle quick release jams up and getting the brake rotors lined up with the pads of the disc brakes takes forever. Doing this on the road is a nightmare with the frame wanting to fall over and bop me on the head.
Have you or your customers worked out a way to remove and reinsert the rear wheel with less drama? If so, how? I’d really like to get back to the love part of my love-hate relation.

Carl Berkowitz

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