David Witte: Why I Ride a Recumbent

David Witte: Why I Ride a Recumbent

When I was a kid, my bike was the main mode of transportation; we went everywhere on our bikes.  Fast forward forty years and some of my co-workers ride every Saturday.  Now, I thought at one time I could have been a competitive bike rider, I just never took that road. So, I thought I would take them up on the invitation to ride with them and they even had a bike I could ride. Now, I’m not in bad shape- I walk, work out and rode a bike a lot all those years ago.  What could go wrong? My first ride with the group was 25 miles.  My butt and wrists were some kind of sore. Padded bike shorts, gloves and a gel pad seat cover later and I still have a sore butt, wrist, neck and back.  I was getting worse. I talked with one of the high mileage riders the local bike store, and we discussed trikes, other recumbents and of course, DF’s.  I decided to go recumbent against the advice of most of the riders, and found a deal on an old Burly.  Lots less pain 1000 miles later I think that this recumbent  bike stuff is going to stick around, only now I want a faster bike! Having tried a Bacchetta Corsa that was fast, and talking with its owner who had upgraded to a C/A 2.0, I decided to look for a Bacchetta that would fit my budget and found a new Strada in Florida.  It fits great and I even like the color. I could not be happier. David Witte

Originally posted on bacchettabikes.com on Jan. 27, 2011.

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