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Installing the Bacchetta Hardshell Bottle Mount

Mounting a bottle cage to a Bacchetta hardshell seat has always been a challenge. Mounting it directly to the seat meant you couldn't get the bottle in and out due to interference with the seat rib. Enter the Bacchetta Waterbottle Cage Mount!

Bottle Cage Mount

The mount the accessory, you will need to start by drilling a hole in your Bacchetta hardshell seat. The hole should be approximately one cm from the edge of the seat and placed in a position so that the bottle will be easy for you to reach when riding (note that we drilled about three inches too high and a touch too inboard).

Seat hole
Hole distance

Once the hole is drilled, you will insert the long bolt with the fender washer and rubber washer on the top side of the seat. You then install the two spacers under the Bacchetta seat. Finally, install the bottle mount and secure with the included nut.

Full assembly

You can then mount your favorite bottle cage, insert your bottle and go for a ride!

Mount with cage
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