Seat Clamp- The Second Generation

Seat Clamp- The Second Generation

I was already to go into a big production about this new product, but then decided that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that regard, I’ll just give you the abbreviated version (abbreviated for me at least). Recessed center bolts, allow you to pre-set the clamp at the top. Big deal your saying? Well, yeah, it is a big deal. When you can pre-set the top, getting your seat on and off is a breeze: no more getting your hands pinched or using a c-clamp. Also, you can leave your clamp set when you remove the seat which means no more Sharpie markings or electric tape strips to remember your original seat location. We know a few will wonder why we did not do a QR system for the top. For one, a QR at the top would raise the seat more than you might think. Secondly, forget having skin on your knuckles when you try tightening the QR up there. Pull Pin setups? Too much play is a big problem with those setups in our opinion. Our new seat clamp will be standard issue on bikes arriving in the spring of 2009.

Originally posted on on Nov. 5, 2008.

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