Bacchetta Pronto Recumbent

The New Bacchetta Pronto Recumbent!

It was first seen back in 2019…vague images and video of a rider cruising on a Bacchetta recumbent with electric assist. Dubbed the e-Giro, many riders got excited, eager to finally have an e-assist 2-wheeled recumbent. But as the pandemic unfolded, the project never made it to production.

Fast forward to 2022. Bacchetta has been purchased by Bent Up Cycles, and the team immediately got to work bringing this recumbent project back to life! Now, September 15-17, 2023, at the Cycle-Con in Xenia, OH, we are please to debut the Bacchetta Pronto to the world!

The first fully integrated motor system on a two-wheel recumbent!

Motor mount

The Bacchetta Pronto e-assist recumbent features a frame re-welded by our friends at Terracycle, locally sourced powder coating featuring one of our vibrant new colors (Dirty Magic, a vibrant purple with metallic blue flecks throughout, shown in these pictures), and meticulous worksmanship as it is painstakenly wired and assembled here at Bent Up Cycles.

The Bafang M510 motor provides 250w of power and an exceptional 95Nm to give any recumbent rider enough power to cruise in any kind of terrain at the push of a button and stroke of the pedal.

Customize your recumbent

Like all of the Bacchetta recumbents, this one can be custom-built to feature the components that riders crave. From the SRAM GX derailleur drivetrain to a Rohloff Speedhub, from aluminum to carbon fiber forks, a selection of three different seats, and a selection of wheels featuring strong and durable wheels hand-built by Velocity USA in Michigan, there are enough choices for everyone!

Bacchetta bikes can be loaded up with a variety of accessories to meet your riding needs. Carry up to four panniers with the Universal Rear Rack and/or the Terracycle EasyReacher under seat rack. Kickstands, fenders and mirrors are readily available. And for shorter, day rides, Bacchetta offers a variety of bags.

Pronto graphics
Disk brakes

So many colors!

The Pronto is one of the first Bacchetta recumbents to feature our new custom-paint options. Pick from one of our standard, bright colors or go full custom with an endless list of color choices. You can truly make this exactly the bike you want it to be.

Battery mount on seat

With our first batch of bikes shipping the second week of November, now through September 17th, we are offering an amazing deal on these beautiful bikes. Get these  free upgrades:

  • Custom paint color 
  • Upgraded carbon fiber fork 
  • Upgrade Velocity wheels
  • And $1000 off! 

Click here for more details about the Pronto and to place your order!

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