What you can achieve- Tony Peoples

What you can achieve- Tony Peoples

I was going back through the stories people have sent me, over the last couple of years, when I came across this one.  It was rather short in words, but the pictures say it all.  It’s almost a year and a half old but Tony, if you’re out there, way to go!

tony before

"In january 2007 I weighed 400 Lbs,on may 16 I had weight loss surgery. In september I was down to 396 lbs, and the doctor wanted me to get more exercise. so my bike dealer sold me a sun ez-sport.I had never cycled before. I became addicted riding more and more.I am now in perfect health. no meds.I chose recumbants because Im 45 and needed something that wasn’t going to hurt me.The reason I wrote you is that I am down to around 215 lbs. and just bought a ti-aero WOW.I ride 30 to 40 miles every day when Im off work I work 14 days on and 14 days off. It has saved my life.I can average 20 mph easy.I love it."

Originally posted on bacchettabikes.com on Feb. 5, 2009.

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