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Bacchetta Colors and Decals for 2024

Bacchetta is pleased to announce its new color scheme for 2024. We feel these bright, vibrant colors provide the perfect accent to your riding style. And now we are offering color decal options as well!

From right to left, the colors are Candy Red, Shocker Green, Sea Glass, Dirty Magic Purple and Lucky Penny Orange. Custom powder coating is also available for a small up charge.

Below, we present pictures of our new colors with the various decal prints on them, so you can make a more informed decision about what will look best on your bike.

2024 colors

Bacchetta in Shocker Green

Shocker Green is our brightest, most vibrant color. Similar to a Neon Green, it also has metallic flake that makes it really pop in the sunlight. 

Here you see Shocker Green with black decals on a Bacchetta Giro A20

Green and black

Bacchetta in Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic is a deep, deep purple with metallic flake. It is one of our most popular colors at Bacchetta.

Dirty Magic with Metallic Blue Holographic decals.

Dirty Magic holographic

Lucky Penny Orange Bacchetta

Lucky Penny is a copper-tinted orange with metal flake. 

Lucky Penny with Metallic Blue Holographic decals.

Lucky penny holographic

Lucky Penny with Oil Slick Holographic decals shown here on a Bacchetta Bella. It looks black when not in the sun, but really pops once in bright daylight.

Lucky Penny with oil slick

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is a beautiful emerald color with metallic flake.

Sea Glass with Blue Metallic Holographic decals.

Sea Glass and Holographic Blue

Sea Glass with Oil Slick Metallic Holographic decals.

Sea Glass with oil slick

Sea Glass with Blue decals

Sea Glass with Blue

Other fun colors

Ultra Illusion Green with Holographic Blue decals. If you are looking for a gorgeous British Racing Green, this is the color for you.

Ultra Illusion Green with Holographic

Illusion Blueberry with Holographic decals. This is the closest color we’ve seen to the Carbon Aero Blue.

Illusion Blueberry with Holographic

Illusion Orange with Oil Slick Holographic decals. It’s hard to see the oil slick in the this picture.

Illusion Orange with Oil Slick

We will add more photos as they become available.

Dana Lieberman|

Dana has been riding recumbents for 25 years. Whether bicycle touring, racing, commuting or just riding with the family, he has ridden almost everything out there and has no problem telling you what he thinks! Owner of Bent Up Cycles and Bacchetta Bikes, Dana is passionate about turning new riders on to the joy of recumbent cycling. He also enjoys reading SciFi, hiking in the SoCal mountains and sipping a Chai Latte at the local coffee shop!
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