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Bicycle touring the US on a Bacchetta recumbent

Bicycle touring is the best way to see the world around you

Tom has bicycle touring in his blood. He is currently riding the Northern Tier of the Trans American Bicycle Route with his friend Rick, and has shared his tour with us via Crazy Guy On A Bike.

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Tom reached out to us last year to build his ideal recumbent for bicycle touring. He wanted to ride the venerable Bacchetta Giro A26, but wanted it built up with the bullet-proof Rohloff hub so he would have all of the gears he needed without the complexity and maintenance of a derailleur system. We were thrilled to deliver his bike to him with all of the accessories he needed so that he could begin training for his epic adventure.

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Positively positive

There are a few things that strike me reading Tom’s journal. First is his never-ending appreciation of the kindness of others. It seems that in every post he is thanking the people around him and really seeing the goodness in people. Perhaps it’s his medical experiences…perhaps it’s his faith…or maybe he is just a great guy. But the appreciation is palpable.

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The other thing that really stands out his is fantastic memory! Throughout his bicycle touring adventure, he frequently recounts other stories and experiences he’s had on other trips. As I noted to start, bicycle touring is in Tom’s blood and he has fond memories of every trip.

Bicycle touring Kansas

As of the writing of this post, Tom is 3350 miles into his trip. I assume he will continue posting and I look forward to seeing how his bicycle touring adventure ends. In the meantime, we are thankful that we were able to help out in our own way to make his epic adventure come to life!

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Bicycle touring
Bicycle touring

Bacchetta Bikes builds a variety of recumbents to meet your bicycle touring needs. Let us help you build your next adventure!

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