Brake Maintenance: A little lube goes a long ways!

About a year ago, we made a few upgrades to our Bacchetta brakes. The main thing being the addition of a brass pivot bushing. This, when coupled with the Kool Stop brake pads and Avid Speed Dial brake levers, gives you a pretty darn good brake set up. However, we’ve had some customers with the new brake calipers that were experiencing some problems. Many thought their brakes were damaged or unusuable. However, in 99.9% of the cases, all it took was a little TLC and the brakes were working better than new. Here’s what you want to do: 1. First and foremost, apply a little lube to the brass pivot bushing. After you’ve done this, squeeze the caliper together a couple of times to make sure it gets down into the bushing. Also, if you drip lube all over your brake caliper, make sure and wipe off the pads and such with some alcohol.

2. Next, Go through and lube the other two pivot points. While not as critical as the brass bushing, they are important to keep moving freely.

Try it out for yourself and we think you’ll find your brakes performing extremely well!

Originally posted on on Sept. 12, 2008

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