RAAM 2009

RAAM 2009

Team Bacchetta and RAAM 2009 

Earlier this fall I let out we had a stellar line up for a 2009 four man RAAM team with the possibility of also fielding a second Bacchetta team for RAAM. Think of it: a Bacchetta “A” and “B” team battling it out in the toughest endurance event on the planet!

Unfortunately though, B Team Bacchetta was not able to pull together what they thought was needed to make it happen in a timely manner.  However, and to their credit, they graciously offered to send any crew members, still interested in competing, our way to the A Team Bacchetta.

RAAM is an expensive enterprise.  While as a company Bacchetta is able to put forth a small amount of monetary support, the truth is that in the past we’ve been able to make it happen due in large part from the support of the Bacchetta family. This year though was beginning to look a bit more daunting, with a price tag that was beginning to exceed $40,000. So, after much soul searching and financial reviewing, we have decided it would be best to not try and field a Bacchetta recumbent RAAM team for 2009.  I realize and I’m sure many will point out, that I am making assumptions that for the Bacchetta family, but in these times I can not in good conscious be asking for donations to support an event like this.

So, what exactly does this mean for Team Bacchetta in 2009?  Well for one, if a team of recumbents does compete in RAAM, we’ll watch with zeal from our computers and wish them a successful and safe crossing.  It also means that a few racers and crews can do things they have not been able to do in June for the last four years.  For instance, the National 24 hour challenge up in Michigan or the Gold Rush 1200km in early July.  Who knows, it could even mean the birth of a team for HOS (Heart of the South) or some other team events.  So looking on the positive side, we have the opportunity to attend a lot more events and gather a lot more publicity for Bacchetta recumbents!

As always, thanks to all of you for your support.  And remember: best of all we will be able to get out there and ride our Bacchetta’s and that is what matters the most- riding!

John Schlitter

Originally posted on bacchettabikes.com on Dec. 2, 2008.

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