RAAM 2010

Since RAAM is starting today we just wanted to make everyone aware that there are several RAAM records of interest up for grabs this year. The 4-person and Men’s solo records for stock recumbent are the ones we’ll be keeping an eye on but a new record for solo women, stock recumbent, could also be established this year. It’s all very exciting stuff and we’d like to encourage you all to follow along. <http://www.raceacrossamerica.org> And everyone here at Bacchetta would like to wish all those involved in this years RAAM a safe and successful ride! Best regards, Mark RAAM Records for stock recumbents: Category: 4-Person, Stock Recumbent Team: ALS-Bacchetta Riders: Karta Purk Atehortua, Phil Plath, John Schlitter, Tim Woudenberg Year: 2005 Average speed: 20.70 mph Time: 6 days: 03 hours: 26 minutes Miles: 3,052 Category: 2-Person, Stock Recumbent Team: Bacchetta B Team/Military Families Foundation Riders: John Schlitter, Phil Plath Year: 2007 Average speed: 18.07 mph Time: 7 days: 00 hours: 26 minutes Miles: 3,046 Category: Solo, Stock Recumbent Team: Bacchetta Rider: John Schlitter Year: 2008 Average speed: 11.30 mph Time: 11 days: 02 hours: 50 minutes Miles: 3,014

Originally posted on bacchettabikes.com on June 8, 2010.

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