Current Delivery Timeframes

Updated 1/12/2023

We know many of you are eager for a new seat and other small parts as the spring cycling season approaches, so here is the latest update. We have two shipments of B3/Recurve/Euromesh seats coming in - a small shipment by air based on pre-orders only in late March or early April, 2023, and one by boat in June. We have opened up ordering on and if you entered your email to be notified when they arrive, you will receive that notification shortly. By ordering now, you are pre-ordering one of the items coming in on the earlier shipment. It will be shipped as soon as it arrives and you will receive a tracking number. Once this initial order is sold out, the respective pages will revert back to out-of-stock until the second shipment arrives.

We will further update this page as additional details become available.