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Glideflex 0F Folding Stem

Glideflex 0F Folding Stem

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The T-Cycle GlideFlex is the original, and Bacchetta is proud to be using these parts made by our friends in Portland, Oregon, on our amazing bikes. The Glideflex takes recumbent bike above-seat-steering stem performance and quality to a new level. Its elegant, smooth operation truly puts it in a class of its own. If you compare the details that make it work, you can really tell the difference. Friction on the T-Cycle GlideFlex is silky smooth—no "break free, then get moving" sticky feeling, no lurching, no squeaking—just smooth, steady, predictable performance that keeps the friction where you set it, all season long, year after year.

When selecting your Glideflex, the first number refers to the ID of your riser, the second number refers to the OD of your steerer tube. For current designs, you need the 1 1/8"-1 1/8" model.

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