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HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26

HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26

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Long wheelbase; clear contours; large, smooth-running wheels; elegantly integrated independent suspension: The dynamic appearance of the Scorpion fs 26 performance speed trike leaves a lasting impression.

You don’t need mountain passes, hairpin turns, or race tracks to enjoy the impressive ride dynamics of the Scorpion fs 26. HP Velotechnik’s agile speed trike also demonstrates its strengths when commuting to work or on a leisurely weekend ride.

A glance at the performance data reveals: The Scorpion FS 26 stands for ultimate performance and meets the highest demands for exclusivity and versatility with its unique equipment options. See for yourself by testing the ideal trike for people for whom every day is becoming ever more extraordinary.

Starting at $6740, the Scorpion is built to your exact specifications. Give us a call to get started, or schedule an appointment to try one out!

We charge a flat rate of $369 for shipping via freight in most of the Continental US. We do not ship outside of the US. There are few zip codes in the US that are more expensive - we will reach out to discuss if this is an issue. It’s usually the very rural locations.

Your Scorpion FS 26 comes 100% fully assembled. We require that all shipped HP Velotechniks be ordered with a boom adjust kit so you just adjust the boom to the proper length, adjust the seat and handlebars to your liking and go for a ride! You can order the adjustment kit with all of the tools necessary to set the proper boom length and then return the kit for a full refund once the trike is set up. Or have us install a kit so that others can ride your trike too!

If you order additional parts with the bike, our website may charge you additional shipping. When we receive the order, we will refund that amount.

The current lead time from HP Velotechnik is 6-8 weeks. It takes time to build your perfect bike.

A final note about ordering bikes on our website: We will always call you after you place your order to discuss your build, make sure all of the options are correct and ensure that it is the right bike for you. If we need to make changes, additions or cancellations, we will happily do that - we want to make sure you are happy with your new bike. We will NEVER just ship out a bike without a conversation.

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