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MSRP: $3075

The ultimate cruising/touring recumbent bike is now the most popular long-wheel based recumbent sold in America. Bella means beautiful in Italian and what’s not to love about its superb handling, superior performance, and ease of riding.   If comfort, economy, and durability are your main concerns when purchasing a recumbent bike, the Bella is the perfect option for you… 

Designed ByMark Colliton
FrameBacchetta Custom Ovalized Aluminum w/Disc Brake Tab
ForkBacchetta Cro-moly, 1-1/8"
SeatReCurve (only)
HandlebarBacchetta Aluminum Bella Bar
Rear DerailSRAM GX 11 Spd
Front DerailRival Double Yaw
ShiftersSRAM GX Trigger Shifter 2x11
CranksetSRAM Rival 22 50/34 11 Speed
Bottom BracketSRAM Rival
HeadsetFSA Orbit-X, 1-1/8"
CassetteSRAM 11-42 11 Speed
Front BrakeTRP Spyke Mechanical Disc
Rear BrakeTRP Spyke Mechanical Disc
Brake LeversAvid FR-5
Front WheelVelocity Recumbent Wheelset, 20" (406)
Rear WheelVelocity Recumbent Wheelset, 26" (559)
Front TireKenda Kwest, 20" (406)
Rear TireKenda Kwest, 26" (559)
ChainKMC 11 Speed
PedalsWellgo LU 897 Platform
BB Height16.25"
Seat Height22"
WheelbaseSmall: 68", Large: 72"
Weight33 lbs w/out Pedals
Weight Limit300 lbs.* (*Rider and Gear Makes Up Weight Limit Total)
Gear Range18.7-106.8"
Frame SizeSmall or Large
X SeamSmall: 33"-46", Large: 33"-52"


Fenders: Bella fender set $50
Brain Box $65
Top Tube Bag $36
Cage: Stainless Steel bottle cage $10
Racks: Universal Rear Rack $70
Mirrors: Zefal Spy mirror $20
Mountain Mirrycle Mirror $20
Lights: One Arm Bandit (OAB) Light mount $32
Kickstand: Bella kickstand (greendield X-long) $20


19 reviews for Bella

  1. Joe

    My favorite

    Green Bank, WV

    What I Like: stable, comfortable, great for touring, stock gearing seems reasonable

    What I Dislike: wieght (both mine and the bikes), didn't care for the 20" wheel, modified it for a 26" wheel

    How I Ride: 40-60 km rides 2-3 times a week; ocassional tours during the summer

    Purchased mine in 2010, and its still going strong. I ride about 2000km per year, sometimes more if I’m on a tour. I’m only able to do that because of the comfort of this bike. With the length of the frame, it seems to help smooth out bumps, and is very stable at hi-speeds. Its a chore to climb however, especially when pulling a loaded trailer.

    I ended up purchasing a 26″ front fork and tire, which made the main bar of the frame horizontal. I prefer this as it lowers the aerodynamic profile,
    and adds low speed stability. (I have a 20 tooth front derailleur when touring for spinning up the steepest hills, albeit at a 3 kph pace.)

    The bike is very durable, and will probably last another 10+ years.

  2. Glen


    First and Last recumbent


    What I Like: Comfort, stability and is surprisingly quick (fairing helps). Originally thought I'd get laughed at because recumbents in australia are rare. But the opposite has happened, kids often remark how cool the bike is.

    What I Dislike: Nothing really. I use the bike for exercising and it fulfils that requirement very well. Rear suspension might help make the ride more comfortable over potholes but I just slow down so it really doesn't matter.

    How I Ride: Exercising three times a week typically 20 to 40 km rides.

    Bella is my first recumbent modified with nuvinci hub, fairing and 2″ marathon rear tyre. After 5 years the bike is still going strong (ride about 3,000km per year). Its super comfortable and very stable at speed. I have done a 140km trip without feeling any aches whatsoever. Seat webbing remains in excellent condition (my original concern) as does the remainder of bike. I really don’t have any need to upgrade the bella. Its perfect for my needs.

  3. Keith Kollmann


    Ran over rear wheel, but able to replace it without too much hassle


    What I Like: If bicycle is damaged, a local bike shop can fix

    What I Dislike: Heaviness, but with steel frame you can tweak

    How I Ride: Around town

    Someone ran over part of the rear wheel while it was flat on the curb (driver had no business doing this) and rear wheel was badly warped .The derailleur looked damaged, brakes locked etc. Took to a local bike shop and because wheel was standard, they were able to replace wheel and the derailleur was not damaged. Bill was $120, so a steel frame may be heavy but it is built like a tank.

  4. Mauro

    Busca, Cuneo, Italia

    What I Like: Colore, telaio, sedile, cura dei particolari e comfort

    What I Dislike: nulla

    How I Ride: casa-lavoro da lunedi a venerdi per 35 km andata e ritorno e tempo libero

    Busca, Cuneo, Italy

    What I Like: Color, frame, seat, attention to detail and comfort

    What I Dislike: nothing

    How I Ride: home-work from Monday to Friday for 35 km round-trip and free time

    Let me introduce myself: I’m Quaglia Mauro, I’m Italian and I fell in love with Bacchetta Bella a year ago.
    I state that I underwent a hip prosthesis and I worried if I would be back to pedaling after the surgery, so I looked on the web for alternative bikes that could do for me. I started to get interested in recumbents and in January 2018 I built one with front wheel drive with a molybdenum-iron bike.
    The result was excellent but the excessive weight and so I dusted off the site Bacchetta and I saw the Bella.
    I contacted Mike and he gave me a quote including shipping, so I made the contract and ordered my Bella Wand.
    Jeremy assisted me and I was very happy, the bike arrived in Italy safe and sound in two boxes to assemble and in one afternoon I did the job, then to wire the cables of the gearbox and the brakes I took it to my mechanic who completed the job.
    The result was excellent.
    I had problems with the Italian customs that lost my padded seat and charged me a crazy amount to be able to clear the bike … it was a nightmare but … I wanted it so much.
    Today I walked 35 km and I enjoyed it a lot, fluid bicycle, light, fast, precise handlebar, precise change … a very smooth bike and then if you want to run it you need the legs, the engine … there is no excuse that holds!
    Thanks to Mike and Jeremy who also treated me well over the ocean and gave me the One For All Bag, the easel, a shirt and a mirror.
    It ‘a wonderful bike, just riding it you realize that it is wonderful, well painted and treated .. a jewel in silvery aluminum.
    I come from Specialized Sirrus and MTB so the handlebars were solid in my hands, I was afraid that cantilever handlebars were a problem but not at all.

  5. Joseph Valenzi

    Terrific bike, terrific value


    What I Like: Comfort and speed. The handlebar position, pedal height, ease of getting your feet down at a stop are all excellent

    What I Dislike: Slow speed handling. It is a real chore to try to keep a straight line going up a long climb if you are going less than 5 MPH, which happens on tours.

    How I Ride: Touring, exercise,

    I’ve had my Aluminum disc brake Bella since 2015 and have about 10,000 miles on it. I have used it for a heavily loaded 2,500 mile tour, recreational 10-100 mile rides and I’m about to go on a cross country 3,000 mile supported ride. It has been very reliable, and surprisingly fast. Not fast compared to road bikes, but fast compared to other recumbents I’ve had like a Rans Formula 26 and an Azub 6. Like many with this hobby, I have modified things about it over the years, but the basic bike well equipped and a great value. The company has also been terrific when I needed replacement parts, and advice. And they are almost unique in this market segment by having very reasonable parts. Just compare the cost to replace say a seat, or an idler with other companies. I paid around $800 to replace a seat with mounting hardware and seat stays from another company.

    Low speed handling is difficult, but that is a long wheel base issue (some are worse than others, I haven’t ridden on personally that doesn’t have it). Short wheel base bikes are generally better at low speed, and are certainly easier to transport, but I DON’T like heelstrike. Hard to find a SWB that doesn’t have it. Some people learn to avoid it, but it is dangerous because it happens suddenly when you are turning, or starting up. I’ve fallen several times because of it. Never fallen on the Bella.

  6. Todd

    By far the best recumbent available today, thanks Bacchetta!

    Appleton, Wisconsin

    What I Like: The extremely smooth ride of the long wheelbase and excellent braking, especially with the disc brakes!

    What I Dislike: Absolutely nothing!

    How I Ride: Short rides around town, usually under 10-15 miles. I'm hoping to increase the miles as my back heals and muscles improve!

    Eight back surgeries later and I can ride a bike again. The Bella is my second recumbent and by far the best! My first was a Rans Vivo and when looking for a new recumbent I think I rode tests almost EVERY long wheel base available. I kept going back to the Bella for comparison and finally bought one. It keeps getting better every ride. I’m 6’8″ 270 lbs. and this bike fits within my x-seam, without the Bella I wouldn’t be exercising. I upgraded to the disc brakes and absolutely love them!

  7. Bill Young


    I went to the Bike One in Gahanna, Ohio to buy this and got a SWB instead. (maybe its just me) GREAT SERVICE and ADVICE

    Lexington KY

    What I Like: Long stable wheelbase , smooth over bumps , clearly a quality machine

    What I Dislike: Twitchy steering especially when just starting (surprisingly more than the SWB) difficult to transport, really long turning radius.

    How I Ride: recreational 20-30 mi,

    Must do a practice ride to compare SWB or LWB

  8. Alicia Alfiero

    T.I. FL

    What I Like: Smooth, Comfortable Long Rides!

    What I Dislike: Absolutely Nothing!

    How I Ride: Long distances for exercise

    This is my very first recumbent & will never go back to a regular bicycle. The Bella has been a great therapeutic recovery for me since my back surgery. If it were not for the Bella I would have been restricted to walking only. I showed my neurosurgeon a picture of the Bella and explain how it rides and he approved it within 3 weeks of my surgery. There is no other bicycle I would recommend to ride with such joy, & comfort. It takes all the pressure & stress of your neck and back so you can enjoy long, smooth comfortable rides. Kudo’s to the guys at Bacchetta! Thank you for designing a ride to last a lifetime.

  9. Neal Smith

    Great Value with a smooth ride

    Severna Park, MD

    What I Like: Smooth comfortable ride

    What I Dislike: Tiller effect & low gearing

    How I Ride: Rail to Trail Trails

    I starting riding recumbents in 1999 with a BikeE CT XL after my 2nd back surgery. I put 24,000 miles on the BikeE in 6 years and in 2005 I started to look for another recumbent. I narrowed the choice down to a Rans Stratus LWB or Trimuter Big Wheel Trike.. I went with the trike and have put over 42,000 miles on it over the last 10 years. While I love riding the trike, I still wanted a better 2 wheeler than the BikeE, so I purchased a Bacchetta Bella direct from Bacchetta since there isn’t a dealer near my home.

    First, I will say the buying experience of buying direct from Bacchetta has been very good. The bike arrived in a big box on a shipping pallet and all I had to do was turn the handle bars around and put the front tire on the bike. The only adjustment I had to make was move the seat back 1 1/8” and lower the handle bar angle one turn.

    The Bella is a little harder to ride than the BikeE because of it’s longer wheel base, but is much more comfortable. I get recumbent butt after 5 miles on the BikeE, but so far haven’t experienced any on the Bella. The longer wheel base of the Bella smoothes out the bumps and the seat is very comfortable on a 2 hour 20 mile ride. I am a little faster on the Bella compared to my trike and the ride is also smoother than my trike. I also like the fact that I can turn the handle bar around and flip it down and pull the seat forward to transport in my car.

    The two things I don’t like about the Bella are the slow speed handling (Tiller effect) and the gearing set up. I run out of pedal at 20 miles per hour coming down hills on my favorite trail. The Bella comes with a mountain bike crank and I prefer a road crank 52/42/30. I have a friend who rides a Tour Easy Gold Rush and we did a side by side comparison of the two bikes and both agreed the Bella is great value. The Gold Rush is faster, but the handling is about the same.

    Again, I am very pleased with the Bella and looking forward to putting many miles on the bike.

  10. Joseph


    Completed 3rd 500 mile journey without pain


    What I Like: Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

    What I Dislike: nothing

    How I Ride: Yearly 500 mile week long touring trips

    Took me 300 miles to get use to this recumbent’s handling characteristics, but riding after that became 2nd nature. Switched to recumbent after developing ulnar nerve damage on an upright from prior tours. Luckily that has resolved. Road a 126 mile day in Maryland on my 2015 tour without any of the typical pain or numbness that I experienced with uprights. Long days of touring are actually enjoyable instead of tolerable.

  11. Gregory


    Absolutely Love It

    La Crosse Wisconsin

    What I Like: Super comfortable, handsome, well designed and well built

    What I Dislike: Can't think of a thing

    How I Ride: Exercise to burn carbs

    I am a large man who has Type II Diabetes, and I needed an enjoyable way to exercise and burn carbs. When I rode my diamond frame bike, my hands, feet, and crotch would go numb, and I’d get cricks in my neck after riding just a few miles. So I bought the Bella to get into biking again. I’ve had it for just a few weeks, have ridden it about every other day, and am very impressed with how comfortable it is. Now, with my Bella, I actually look forward to exercising. I’d recommend this bike to anyone.

  12. bill price



    ft myers, fl

    What I Like: you can adjust some of the tiller action out.

    What I Dislike: tiller steering

    How I Ride: touring the ft. myers-naples area.

    i love everything about the bike. the only problem is when in gears 4,5,&6 the gears tend to shift up and down on their own while riding. i have logged over 10,000 miles on a bike e. this is a big step up.

  13. Jim Peoples


    Old guy goes the distance!

    Destrehan, La

    What I Like: Looks, comfort, adjustablility

    What I Dislike: 20" front wheel

    How I Ride: slow and easy, but 30-40 milers

    From a rocket to this, I’m 65 years old, ride a FS mountainbike for trails but I tell you, this Bella flexes in all of the right places to make you comfortable. New Orleans is famous for a lot of things, but not good roads, with this Bella, I hardly notice, it makes any ride just plain old fun!!

  14. Gary Robinson


    Worth its weight in gold

    Wadsworth, OH

    What I Like: comfort, capability

    What I Dislike: absolutely nothing

    How I Ride: Leisure, tour, fitness

    Had the Bella now for a month, and absolutely love being able to bike again. Medical issues took me off my upright, and this is a wonderful way to start riding again….really missed it ! This is my first recumbent, and I like it so much it may be my last, too. Great local dealer in Barberton, OH, and fabulous support from the Bacchetta team, too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BIKE !!

  15. mike



    alexandria pa

    What I Like: good ride

    What I Dislike: none

    How I Ride: rails to trails

    i m a big guy 6,1 290 road over 25 mile best ride in a long time 63 years old ready to ride today mike

  16. Joe Brandt


    Solid Touring Bike

    Green Bank, WV

    What I Like: Bacchetta Quality and Support

    What I Dislike: Small Front Wheel

    How I Ride: Touring, 50-80 miles/day

    I swapped the 20″ for a 26″ wheel. The larger wheel makes the main tube horizontal, and reclines the rider about 10 degrees. Purchased mine in 2010, and still love it. Frame is very strong and stiff, but (as expected) a bit heavy. Gearing is perfect for my riding.

  17. Hal


    Great Bike

    Orlando, FL

    What I Like: Comfort

    What I Dislike: None

    How I Ride: 30 miles a day Mon thru Thurs

    72 years old. Retired the hybrid. Best I have done was 46 in one day, easier than 20 on the hybrid.

  18. Ric


    Great on hills

    Las Vegas, Nv.

    What I Like: Smooth comfortable ride

    What I Dislike: None

    How I Ride: Exercise, Weight lose

    Ride 15-20 miles a day. 67 years old was told by the doctor lose some weight or lose your health. Been riding the Bella for a month and half and lost 15 pounds. Feel great and bike is such a joy to ride.

  19. Phil Boyd


    Great Recumbent

    Ashburn, VA

    What I Like: Comfortable, Highly Adjustable

    What I Dislike: Nothing

    How I Ride: Occasional commuting, indoor trainer

    This is my second recumbent and is now my full-time indoor trainer. I love the adjustability of this bike. Excellent components, sturdy and reliable. I highly recommend this bike.

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