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Carbon Aero Quattro Performance Recumbent Frameset

Carbon Aero Quattro Performance Recumbent Frameset

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The Freedom of Speed: Bacchetta Quattro

Bacchetta has been the leader in performance recumbents for over 20 years, with the Aero considered the standard by which all other race recumbents are measured since its introduction in 2002. With countless race wins and multiple RAAM wins and finishes, the Carbon Aero is the most winning recumbent in production. Today, we are proud to build on that legacy and introduce the next generation Bacchetta race machine. More speed. More comfort. More control. The new 4th generation Bacchetta Quattro.


As a rider on the 2010 Bent Up Cycles and 2012 Bacchetta RAAM team, Dana Lieberman knows a thing or two about going fast. With his expertise as both a designer and racer, the Quattro will be the fastest Bacchetta ever and the new king of the road. High speed is no longer limited to buttery smooth tarmac. With clearance for up to 40mm (rear)/38mm (front) tires, the Quattro can take advantage of the fastest rolling tires available. Riders can now choose ideal tire widths and pressures for maximum performance on a wide range of real-world road conditions.

Minimal rolling resistance isn’t the only speed upgrade offered by the Quattro. With a lengthened wheelbase (50.5” for medium, 52.5” for large), riders can enjoy the aerodynamic benefits of a very reclined seat angle while keeping the head comfortably positioned in front of the rear axle. Even tall riders who used to be limited to more upright positions can rejoice with the freedom to hone in their optimal position for aerodynamics, ergonomics, and power production. When combined with the light weight, excellent power transfer, and efficient chainline of the Quattro’s unique carbon monocoque frame, the result is a race-tuned speed weapon.


Speed doesn’t need to come at the cost of comfort though. In fact, a rider will suffer less fatigue riding in an ergonomic position and insulated from roughness and bumps all too common on roads these days. It was only natural that the Carbon Aero played a key role for Kurt Searvogel when breaking the long standing Highest Annual Mileage Record by cycling over 76,000 miles. The Quattro surpasses that already high level of comfort and was designed to be one of, if not THE most comfortable racing bicycle on the planet.

The ergonomic advantages inherent in recumbent bicycles are expanded on by the Quattro’s highly adjustable seat mounting system and the Bacchetta Tweener handlebar, ensuring you can find the perfect position to ride all day long. The choice between a carbon fiber hardshell seat for maximum power transfer (available in multiple sizes), the legendary Euromesh seat that balances performance, comfort, and ventilation, or the more upright, comfort-focused B3 seat gives you the freedom to make the Quattro the perfect fit for your cycling needs.

Wider tire clearance opens up a whole new world of comfort too. Rough roads that used to be avoided can be your new training grounds. Even heavier riders can enjoy the supple feel of modern, low pressure tires without always worrying about pinch flats. While the Quattro benefits from the vibration damping properties of carbon fiber, carbon alone doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride. The material selection and layup of the Quattro monocoque frame are finely tuned to balance weight, stiffness, and compliance that can’t be matched with S-bend or multi-part recumbent frames. With ergonomics, tire choice, and carbon layup so highly optimized, the Quattro will offer unparalleled comfort in a race machine.


The Quattro was designed with Bacchetta’s new home in mind. Nestled at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains, mere minutes from the base of Highway 2 that winds up to a breathtaking 7900 feet above sea level, some of the most demanding riding conditions imaginable are right outside our front door. To meet demands like this, the Quattro is going all-in on disc brakes.  While previous models offered disc brakes as an option, the Quattro is designed to take full advantage of what disc brakes have to offer. A tapered steerer adds stiffness to the front end for better braking and handling. Thru axles front and rear improve safety, ensure consistent disc alignment every time, and pair with the best modern wheelsets. Powerful disc brakes require the grip offered by wider tires to realize maximum braking performance, and Quattro has you covered. That extra grip also aids in hard cornering, resulting in more precise, confident descending.

Carving down switchbacks is an exhilarating experience on a Bacchetta, but it can be unnerving if you and your machine don’t feel firmly connected. At Bent Up Cycles, we pioneered a more robust seat mounting system for earlier Carbon Aero models, and the focus on confident, stable handling continues with the Quattro. The Quattro features stiff rear stays that are well-braced to ensure a solid connection and sense of control. The seat mounting hardware provides a strong, confident foundation for cornering and surges of pedaling power. Whether climbing, descending, or going flat out, the Quattro will be your number one choice for recumbent performance.

Speed. Comfort. Control. Quattro.

Bringing the Dream to Life

At the time of order, you need to choose your frame size, fork size, and if you want a seat, your seat size. Don't worry. These can all be changed if necessary. Each frameset includes the frame, fork, headset, steering system (riser and handlebars), idler and seat mounting kit.


August 2023 - finalize drawings for molds - COMPLETE

Oct. - Dec. 2023 - Build molds - IN PROCESS

Jan 2023 - Apr 2024 - Samples built

Apr - May 2024 - Samples ridden and tested

May 2024 - Order placed with builder

August 2024 - Framesets sent to customers in order that orders were received.

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