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T-Cycle Over/Under Idler

T-Cycle Over/Under Idler

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There exists no better over/under idler than the Elite Over/Under Idler from T-Cycle. A hybrid of all the best qualities that T-Cycle idlers offer. Every piece of this idler is exquisitely machined: the beautifully crafted aluminum sideplate on the power side and an aerospace grade ballistic nylon sideplate on the return side, the titanium cog and industrial urethane chainbed, each built for supreme durability, and the immaculately designed inner cores. Elite Over/Under Idlers also come with the unbeatable resilience and consistency of the precision hybrid ceramic bearingsNever has a ride been so smooth and so reliable as with an Elite Over. /Under Idler.

The T-Cycle Sport Over/Under Idler is the second best over/under idler on the market (second only to the Elite Over/Under Idler). With aerospace grade ballistic nylon side plates, tough metal core, durable aluminum cog, tough urethane chainbed, and top of the line ABEC-7 steel bearings, this rugged, workhorse idler will give you years of trouble-free improved drivetrain performance. It's solid, it's quiet, and, quite frankly, it's beautiful. For miles and miles, the Sport Over/Under Idler will prove itself a reliable, quality addition to your recumbent.

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